Chapter 17



The Daydreams


Is it true that we sleep and dream in the middle of the day?

I know very well from long experience, that the greater public, and especially the authorities and the educated, will think much better of my preaching if I pointed out that we were evil! In that case, people would come and very seriously thank me, and send me remittances and thank-you letters.

If the Savior had taken up the teachings of the Pharisees about evilness, sin, and an evil will, then they wouldn’t have crucified Him. However, the teachings of Jesus about the blind guides for the blind, and the apathetic, sleepy, and thoughtless frames of mind were disturbing and damaged the system. It is much more irritating to hear that you “are walking and sleeping in the middle of the day”, than to hear that you are evil. Everybody who doesn’t believe this can do just as I did, and try this for a few years. For example, if you will be popular in the Parliament, and well – liked by all kinds of people, you should only tell stories about “the egoists” and the ugly people. Everything you say and do must allude to the fact that you have the correct view on human selfishness and evilness, and then you will be assured of a broad place and often a good position her on earth, and if you at the same time give money to the mission and work at chastising and forcing people so that they can be better, then maybe you will also receive the travel permission to heaven that the pastor has.

You will experience your life’s work in a different way if you tell your life companions that they are sleeping and dreaming, and are not conscious about what the do. Try to convince a "jøssing" that a member of the NS (The Norwegian Nazi Party) is an idealist with false ideals, or try to convince a member of NS that the “jøssing” was a zealous patriot and chauvinist, so you will see another reaction. You will get everybody against you.


(Jøssing was a name for anti-Nazi Norwegians during the Second World War. The name was originally used as a swear word by the newspaper for The Norwegian Nazi Party (Nasjonal Samling or NS), but it soon became used as a mark of respect).


You could also try to tell the workers that their party leaders are dreamers, or that scientists are people who play guessing games, or that leading figures in the Church are “really losing their way”, and you will soon get a cold shoulder and be met with ridicule. Try to tell an editor or a head of propaganda that he is lying quicker than a horse can gallop, and that he’s a bad psychologist who can’t understand himself or discover that he is working for immoral things, and in reality is splitting people, instead of helping them to come together. You can be happy if you get out of being thrown down the stairs.

There must be something seriously wrong with the human mentality.

The best result I experienced in this regard was once with a big fat editor. He understood more than most people. I said to him: “You don’t dare publish my article even though I include my full name?” He looked me straight in the eyes, and said: “You must understand that we can serve our readers a little bit of truth, and we do, but then only a little bit at a time, and not pouring it on the way you do!”

Henrik Ibsen has one of his “figures” say: “Don’t take the falsehoods of life from people, because then they will die”. The Savior of the world meant something else. I must admit that He gave people plenty of time to sleep and to get finished with being sluggish, which is something that we all naturally have in us. We have grown up from the bottom to the top! We’re dragging that sleepy nature around with us; if we don’t see that, then we don’t see anything. We’re like trees walking around.

Have you ever taken time to think about what it means to sleep and dream? I will give you a short description of what marks the condition that we understand as sleeping and dreaming. I believe that the most common traits of any kind of sleeping and dreaming can be condensed into the following 7 points. I request that the reader checks to see if this is correct. If this agrees with your experience, then the word “sleep walker” or daydreamer doesn’t mean an exaggeration, a swear word, or wittiness. Daydreaming can be comical, but that’s something else. Every good comic book speculates on this, but that isn’t why we’re looking at these traits in our nature now.

1. When we are dreaming, everything we experience is only in pictures. We are lying in our bed, but experience the most unbelievable things as living reality. Our “fantasy” has no “critical censor” and can run freely, while the conscience “takes a nap”. This first trait is common for all dreaming, both with children and adults.

2. Self-contradictory (“ambivalent”) experiences and meaningless things can occur in our dream life without us reacting to them before we “wake up”.

3. Often something called “displacing” can happen while we sleep, so that a little thing can be blown up into something very meaningful, and big and essential things can be over looked, as bitty little things.

4. Actions and experiences that we would blush over and be ashamed of while we’re awake can be experienced as fairly natural, because the feeling of shame is not there.

5. Many times our deepest wishes come true in our dreams. Dreams can be so beautiful and pleasant that we are fairly frustrated when we wake up and find out “it was only a dream”. Children often have dreams about wishes coming true, but adults do too sometimes. If you’re thirsty, maybe you dream non-stop that you’re drinking, and the hungry person dreams that he is eating. This explains that the dream often shows what we are consciously or unconsciously wanting to have, or what we are lacking or missing. We often forget our most private wants and desires when we’re awake. The reason for this is that often when we dream, what we are unconsciously lacking and missing, becomes clear to us, without us knowing this when we’re “awake”. Sometimes it also happens that we “lose something”, or “forget something”, or consequently “repress something” inside of us, and then it often happens when we’re dreaming we “find again” what we have lost or we come “face to face” with something we have “forgotten” or “repressed”. This is why it can often be helpful to study our own dream life in order to understand what lives deep inside of us.

6. In many cases the dream can protect our sleep so we “over sleep”, as it’s called. In other cases the dream can worry us, so that we wake up and think over things that we otherwise hadn’t thought about.

7. The dream state is different from the “awake” state in that there is something like a “crevice” between when we’re “sleeping” and when we’re awake. The transition over this crevice can vary from going very slowly to being very quick.

Isn’t this true! Haven’t we seen the most conspicuous traits with any common type of dream state? Therefore, if these traits are also seen in daily life, with every now living natural and normal person, then we have shown that we are day dreamers in a literal sense, although we at first, and even second consideration find it unbelievable, improbable, distasteful, and maybe irritating. Now we’ll see why this is the case!

1. We know that money is only symbols or pictures, although we experience it as reality, and such a hard reality that these “pictures” rule the world. Don’t deny that “money rules the world”. The reason for this is that the whole world dreams and cries after “the power of capital”. We have experienced that there was a bounty on baby pigs, because there was “too much flesh”. We experience that people dump out some of the ingredients for cheese, ”because there was too much cheese”. We have seen the rulers in every country burn wheat, corn, coffee, and ruin the real values for the sake of the money values. We also experience pictures” as reality. The social economists at the university, during the war years, assured us that “the Norwegian krone” “rose” and “fell”, puffed up and then shrunk, as if it was a living being. Maybe people react a little now and then, and maybe the one over does the other by saying that “we don’t live of money”, just to show how wise and “awake” they are. However, in reality everybody says: “What will we live of, if we don’t have money”?

The picture is experienced as being reality. People dream in such an energetic way that they make world wars to get markets for a place to see their products! If they don’t, then there will be a “crisis”, “a financial crisis”, etc., as if money was anything else than units of measure or bookkeeping resources, or just like a meter and centimeter, liter and quarter of a liter.

“The state” is also a fantasy picture. No one has seen “the state”; and it doesn’t exist. No one has ever seen “Moloch”, but millions of people gave up their lives in history, or took each other’s lives for the sake of some “believed” Molloch. Again in our lifetime, millions of men and women are dying for their “state”, which is nothing more than a picture. Everyone knows that it is the people themselves who do all the work and who pay all their money to the “state” treasury. In spite of all this, people are dreaming of “the state working”, “the state paying”, and “the state ruling”. All of this is experienced just as real as when the little boy feels his wooden horse is running away or that his sister’s doll “goes to school”, “sleeps”, “drinks”, “messes in her pants”, etc. All of this is reality in the picture world of the dream life.

We know that society is real living flesh and blood and spirit, and that “the state” is only a picture of the totality! We look at the king and the emperor as a picture of “the greatest” we know. That is why Samuel chose a “large tall man” as the first king of the Jews. The Jews dreamt about “great things” and now there was “a great one” walking among them as living reality, just as the golden calf in the Pentateuch had become a living god, who could walk around in front of the eyes of the childish people.

Christ points to the picture of the emperor, and wants to know whose picture that is and whose symbols those are. Since the people answer in the dream state, He lets them dream on and doesn’t worry them – “Let the symbol have its share, and reality its share”. In other words, learn to see the difference between your own spiritually created “god” and the symbol you have created with the help of the Spirit! The Mental Savior of the World just gives you an impulse, something you can think about and discuss for 2000 years. It says that they were very surprised and left Him. (The thing was that they had come to imprison Him, and so He let these people imprison themselves!) Still the world was going to play with their pictures for 2000 years, because the world needed their pictures so they could sleep more and dream further. Christ gave the truth to them in teaspoons!

He did this because we could still see and not see, still hear and not hear. We are daydreamers, because we believe that “the state” protects us and blesses us! Even if one “state” built a submarine harbor in Laksevåg, and another “state” bombed Laksevåg to ruins causing death and destruction for people, and these people belonged to at least 3 “state” societies (different countries), we experience it in our dreams as if the “state” is protecting us. When we finally wake up sometime, we will see the opposite, and understand that it was only “the state”, and no other private murderer and robber (Barabbas) that could measure up to “the state”. “I know that the police protect me and mine”, says the "anarchist", “but who will protect me and mine from the police”?

While dreaming, we don’t react to the meaninglessness and craziness in legalizing and authorizing murder and robbery. “Occupation” isn’t thievery and assault. We first become robbers and bandits when we steal and rob in private life. We will react in another way, when we “wake up”. Those of you who still live unconsciously in your dreams, will probably have a strong reaction to me trying to wake you up? Please notice the words of Jesus in Luke 22:25: “The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors”. (Copied from the Bible.com Website). In the dream they are called benefactors, because the pictures or the symbol building is experienced as reality.

In history the people “buzz” around the state and “the big center point”, like flies buzzing around the light. That is why The Bible gives the name “Beelzebub” to “the devil”, which means: “ He who has control over the flies” = the unawake and dreaming fantasy.

“The state” is “the replacement for the holy living society. The actual and real are you, me, our neighbor, and the large intense fellowship of fate that binds us together in an invisible way. As long as we don’t understand this invisible fellowship of fate, but only “suspect” it or are “enchanted” by it, or flock around it, we will go to elections and scream for a strong “state”. At every election we dream about experiencing the reality that we pray about and desire. We don’t see that we are being shamefully cheated because we “choose” the wrong thing, by not reacting correctly and critically. We wish to be rich and happy with contributions from “the state” and taxes. However, Beelzebub is smiling at us. We will continually be disappointed. In the dream state our wishes are fulfilled. We believe we will have “peace”, “justice”, “riches” and “blessings”, but in many thousands of years we have only reached the opposite, without admitting it. The censor in us has taken a nap.

“The state” certainly isn’t ruling; “the money” certainly isn’t governing. We are the ones who are “ruling” (in the fog and while asleep), and we are the ones who react in such a way that we become a slave to money.

We are slaves to pictures of false gods!

We travel over land and sea to “christen” the heathens who believe that there is life in stones and trees. However, we don’t see “the plank in our own eye”, because then we would see that our worshiping of pictures was a thousand times worse than the game with pictures and symbols with the Negroes, the Indians, the Chinese, the Zulu, and the Eskimos.

Can you remember from your own childhood how awful you could feel every time you thought about when you played and fantasized with dolls and pictures? I remember very well one whole winter when I had played “railroad” with empty boxes. However, one spring day the illusion broke. Then I hurried up and threw all of the boxes in the oven so that no one would see me, a “big” boy, had played with empty boxes. It can feel embarrassing to wake up and go over “the gap” from dream to reality. It can seem “irritating”, “terrible”, “embarrassing”, and “painful”, if you wake up too quickly from your dream. To change sanctuary, ideals, and interests can often be catastrophic in our life. The Bible talks very much about things like that. For example, read the description about the day and time when all of the abducted values were destroyed, and then the world realized that the Church was a “faithless bride of Christ” – a spiritual harlot that had been bought by the princes, power people and money collectors in the world! John heard a sound as if the sea was in chaos and the waves were roaring and very high. This happens in every human soul when one has a “Sturm and Drang period” (German for “storm and adversity”. This was the name of a German romantic literary youth movement at the end of the 1700’s). Old things fall and “die” on the inside of a person and another kind of vision for life is found, a new faith, and a new picture of the world. When the whole world wakes up, those of you who are alive will see the “the waves are high”, and you will hear on the radio and in the air that “the oceans of people are roaring”! Just wait and see.

There is no sensation in the history of the world that can match that.

When the war came to Scandinavia in 1940, it hit Norway hardest of all, where every person paid on the average 235 crowns per year in taxes. After that it was Denmark where the average tax was 190 crowns per year per inhabitant. Sweden had the least to pay where the average was the lowest at 150 crowns per person. However that would grow too, and have repercussions. You had to get something for your dedication and worship of Molloch. You had to get something for your money, for your zeal in worshipping the pictures, and for your sacrifice and willingness to give to the pictures of the false idols. When “the government” returns and the old symbols come back, the people will be jubilant and continue where they left off. The old “Flies” teach the young ones; and the classical heathenism has deep roots with everyone who is sleeping and dreaming. The dynamic powers are the same as before, and the “driving force” for these almighty powers is the old religious idolatry.

Idols and pictures of Madonna and Christ in glass and frames on the wall and the bedside table are all examples of how we are satisfied with pictures. As long as the Savior doesn’t live and work inside of us, it’s good to have Him on the bedside table or on the wall, while we sleep and dream that we are His disciples. Unfortunately Christ didn’t arrange to have His portrait preserved for posterity. Many have been sad about that. However, people have created their pictures of the Savior, just as in all religions they have written and dreamed that they are the children of God and that they practice Christianity.

If you don’t have a kingdom of God or a holy society, you can “play” and dream that you have one. All “Church” cult and temple service is imagery for the real thing. The fact that the cults continually are changing does not mean that God is always different. What it does mean is that we are changing and continually creating new pictures, and are always writing and creating a deity in our own image. For example, in art we can always find pictures of Christ in all genres from the sweetest and most virginal to the most manly and powerful, depending on what mood we’re in! However, the teachings of Jesus are that the Kingdom is inside of us, and that we shall be like our origin, God, and not that God shall be like us.

Just think when the world wakes up and really sees God and discovers God in the Son of Man! Only then can we talk about the objective truth and reality. When the Savior didn’t leave a portrait, it was probably because we shouldn’t carry on with idolatry with His picture. We should internalize His picture and learn to see Him with our spiritual eyes.

Christ never even wrote any of His speeches! It was said that there was one time that He wrote, and then it was in the sand. It looks like maybe writing in the sand was a poetic whim for Him? Maybe He was saying: “ This is how it is to guide people in truth! They’re sleeping again. Speaking to peoples’ hearts is like writing in sand”.

A friend of mine, the writer Olav Aukrust, used another picture. He gladly listened to my speeches, and noticed people’s enthusiasm and applause, and then he said: “You’re hitting the water”. “You’re hitting the water”. It sprays a little to begin with, and “the waves are high”, but a moment later it’s just as still on the surface.

I have written a lot in the sand, and sown many good grains from the Holy Writings on stone ground. There are very few people who are alive now who have hit the water more than I have, but there is a little sprouting and growing anyway. Most people continue sleeping in their daydreams. There are only a few who are rubbing their eyes and begin to see in the same way.


The Savior understood our need for building images and completely accepted the genetic role that symbols have for us in our dream state. His continual use of pictures, His earlier quoted words, and the role and meaning of parables all attest to this. Most of all we see this through the establishment of communion. We all know a little bit about the big role that blood plays in all of the human conceptions of life. Now when the race theories are again racing through the world, we need to take a look at blood. Lumholtz and other explorers in foreign lands talk about the colored and indigenous peoples often being considered dangerous for the white man, because they believe that when they drink the white man’s blood and eat his flesh, then they acquire the white man’s characteristics. Moses teaches that the soul is in the blood. In Leviticus 17:11, it says: “For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul”. (Copied from the Bible.com Website).

Let’s not discuss or criticize Moses, but just accept that all experience from the past and from primitive people shows that they gave blood unbelievably many mystical qualities. The primitive people see, according to the empirical principle or the so-called “principle of experience”, that when the blood is tapped from a living person, they die! “Experience” can unfortunately be the name that daydreamers put on their “delusions”, but that is something else again. All wild and primitive people look at blood in a “mystical” way. They offer “blood” to the gods, not because God is blood thirsty, of course, but because we are or because we think of ourselves in that way. People paint their doors with a cross of blood against the plague and sickness. A little bit of blood, for example from a baby or virgin, is always one of the ingredients in all kinds of witches’ salves and witchcraft. There are still people who think they will have the strength of an ox if they drink oxen blood, etc. Norwegian forefathers offered the finest and most clever boys and girls to the Åsa gods to curry their favor. In this manner they continued the process that has been throughout the history of religion, in all the fanatical stories about peoples’ fear on the one side and sacrifice and willingness to give on the other side.


(Åsa is a polytheistic faith, meaning it has many gods, and they are the gods in Norwegian mythology. It was a commonly accepted faith, but was pushed to the side by Olav, the Holy, who Christianized Norway. In 1024 Christianity was approved as the official religion of Norway. The Church was then tied to the King, and it became the state church of Norway).


When the old Norwegian Åsa worshipers offered their most beautiful boys and girls to the highest they could imagine, this wasn’t done because of evilness, but it was a primitive life of reflection and spirit that looked for some way out, because they lacked more light and greater knowledge. What Moses did was surely just as well meant and sincere as what I just quoted above.

Then the Mental Savior of the World comes and sees all of this, including the entire bloody god cult. He doesn’t judge us for our helpless hunger for blood, because he knows our fear and that we don’t have light over us. The Savior of the world sees you in your shame and sin, and in your fear for the unknown God and the unknown powers of nature. He knows your fear of life, and especially your fear of death, and He knows that when you offer the dearest thing you own, your own children, and understanding the unknown that you fear, He knows that you and your pastor mean well. You don’t know yourself how you came into being and you still can’t orient yourself to the mighty thoughts that are running in and out of you. He knows that you have grown from down below, and He knows your slowness and lethargy, and wants to help you. For many centuries you will still need pictures and symbols before you are grown up, and He knows your religious and social longings, and your instinct that tries to reach the middle point, your eroticism, your wild and dangerous fantasy. The Savior sees you offering the blood of the lamb and the blood of children, and He knows the entire Jewish tradition, and doesn’t judge this. However, He does go right into that tradition and tries to sublimate it, and fill it, and tries to realize all of the true and good dreams and the yearnings for the Messiah.

Why were the yearnings for the Jewish Messiah, and the Jews big dream about the great world kingdom and the great society of brothers, still being played with as a part of the secret games? Maybe all of these yearnings came from the Spirit of God? Maybe it was all the peoples’ yearnings and needs in their lives that called forth a Savior, He Who was born of the Father, from all eternity?


So now Christ wants to get the whole world on the right track, so He takes his starting point in the whole Jewish tradition and blood offering, and He goes right in the middle of it. Are you asking how He did that?

Don’t you see? “Here is My blood which is shed for you for the forgiveness of your sins”, He says. Here is a glass of wine, a “picture” of “the blood”, drink this. Verily I say unto you, this is my body and my blood that is offered to make the world healthy. Stop offering the blood of children and animals, and instead use a glass of wine that symbolizes my blood, if only you will believe and accept these words that this is done for your sake. It is not God Who demands the blood, but it is the Spirit of God in you that up to now wants and must have blood. I know you so well, says the Savior, that I know that pictures and symbols for you are reality, as long as you sleep and dream. That’s why a glass of wine does the same amount of good, and then we’ve come a long step further on the right way. “This is not My will, but what You want, the Spirit of God in the half-finished person”.

Later on when you are suffering from being afraid to die, have guilty feelings, doubt and fear of life, and when you have such pain in both your body and soul that you can’t manage any more, and when the dark of night and evil and delusion scare you so you don’t know one way or another, come to my table and find peace and forgiveness, rest and comfort, because I love you child with all of my heart. I am sent to you from your Creator, and I know your great possibilities and dangers, and this why I come to you with the true orientation to life to save your body and soul from the educated, and the sorcerers, and from the medicine men who play with your innocence and fool you.

I am the way, the truth and the life. Believe in me, and you will be released from evil and find the way to the victory and crown of life!

If anyone doubts that this is the teaching of Jesus, so try sometime to put yourself in a situation that was similar to His. Think that you came to a Negro tribe that was just going to hold a big sacrificial party in honor of their conception of God! A young girl is brought forward and her feet are tied to a pole in the earth. A bamboo tree is bent down over her, and the top of the bamboo tree is fastened in her hair, so that she is in a very taut position. (I have this description from a missionary who saw this). Then the bishop for the Negroes, or the highest ranking clergyman, comes forward and cuts the throat of the young girl so that her head “flies up into heaven” and her blood flows out of her body, which falls to the ground. The “sinful” and “faithful” rush forward and dip a finger in the warm blood and cleanse themselves from sickness, sin, and all kinds of wretchedness.

Now you’re standing and looking at this, and you don’t know exactly what you should do. Well, today you have the teachings and sacraments of Christ, so you can just teach them about your own “religion”, so they will immediately come a few steps further. What if you were the first one to intervene and use salvation here? Let’s assume that you, like Christ, maybe knew everything ahead of time, and knew what it was that was behind this “sacrifice”. In that case you wouldn’t have “gone against that evil”, because you knew that it wouldn’t help. You would have done what the Savior did, and “go into the strong one’s house to bind the strong one and later steal his goods”. The strong one’s house is the house of faith and the power of the spirit. The human conception is the strong one’s house. These are the conceptions that are important to understand. When you have them, and have acquired the faith, trust, and dedication of the masses, then you can “steal goods from the strong one” – “the human heart”, “the human society”, “the human destiny”. Then it’s your property. That’s why it says in the Lord’s Prayer: “Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever”.

For the moment it was delusion and the falsehoods of life that owned the Kingdom, and “the gold”, human values and human destinies, i.e. the “goods” that the Savior had “stolen” from the falsehoods of life in the temple of the Pharisees.

Don’t you think that you would have done the same thing if you had been in Jesus’ situation and with His qualifications? You must admit that this was the correct “positive” mental salvation. The whole blood sacrifice is based on a primitive mental condition, don’t you think?

To drink a glass of wine, as a picture of blood, is a tentative “sublimation” of the drinking of blood.

When I heard the prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane: “…all things are possible unto Thee; take this cup away from me, not what I will, but what You will…” – I stopped “going to communion”. Hasn’t the world soon had enough blood to drink? Or, do you want more of His blood over you and your children?


The Savior wanted nothing more than to practice the Kingdom of God in all its glory immediately. But we were still asleep! We still had to be satisfied with pictures and symbols a while longer. Many of the most religious groups won’t wake up anymore. They would have eternally crucified the truth about themselves, if the spirit of truth hadn’t come to us with “the key to the abyss in us”, otherwise no flesh would have been saved.

(See Matthew 24:22).

The great delusions and falsehoods of life in our time are so deeply rooted, so authorized and armed. The religious ones dream, “play”, and sleep so securely that everything would have passed the whole world by, if God hadn’t gripped in and “shortened” the crisis.

The falsehoods of life are consciously attempting to eradicate man and the humane.

The slanderer has slandered our nature for such a long time that the world believes him.

The light of the holy spirit of truth will come in a timely fashion to save us and give us the Savior back in spirit and truth. He will soon come out of that spiritual cloud cover that took Him away from our eyes.


By trying to show how the Mental Savior of the World works with His mental resources, we see that in the dream state pictures and symbols are truly reality for us; it seems like we were awake. We are dreaming with open eyes! As Jesus says, we have: “Eyes that don’t see, and ears that don’t hear”. The Savior gives us pictures so that many people will be able to see, and see without discerning, and hear, and hear without understanding. “But you are entrusted with the keys to the kingdom of heaven”! Who is Jesus talking to when He says in Matthew 13:11: “It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given”. Who is He talking to? Is it the clergy who got to know the secret? No! The learned have taken “the key to knowledge for themselves” and refuse to open up for those who want to get into the kingdom of God. (See Luke 11:52). We hear about the Pope sitting on “Peter’s throne” in ancient Rome and dreaming that he can open up the kingdom of heaven, but this is only the dream that protects the sleep! Those educated men who sat on the “throne of Moses” dreamed in the same way. (See Mathew 23:2). If the Pope in Rome had known the truth about the almighty Light that Jesus proclaimed, then Mussolini wouldn’t have needed to stand and scream out over the whole world that “today the whole western culture is still ruled by the Roman spirit”.

It certainly was the true Disciples of Christ who had been able to learn the secrets of the kingdom of God, and this is what we are trying to bring to light in this book’s testimony about the new Light over our own nature.


Before we leave this section about the pictures in the dream life that are experienced as reality, let’s take a look at the Norwegian people who dream about finding their distinctive nationality again, and who dream about a national self government. Our country and its natural resources are mortgaged to foreigners, while at the same time the names of cities are changed back to the old names, and we are turning back to old language forms, dress, customs, symbols, and practices. When the pictures, symbols, and forms are “Norwegian”, it doesn’t matter if we throw out the Norwegian spiritual life and copy the foreigners’ ideas and artistic life, and sell ourselves to the foreigners. For everyone who dreams in the middle of the day, the pictures, symbols and formalities are what are real. While people are asleep, they don’t happen to react to small unimportant things being blown up to great and important things, and that the great and important realities are going into the background as unimportant secondary matters.

When people are celebrating and yelling: “Hurrah for the 17th of May!” (Norwegian Independence Day) and for the Eidsvollsverket: (when the Norwegian Constitution was approved in the city of Eidsvoll in 1814), and waving with Norwegian colors and national symbols, the dreaming people and their sleeping shepherds don’t notice that the wolf is loose. While asleep, people are dirtying and desecrating the very Constitution and the time it was approved, while, at the same time, they are celebrating about it. The symbols and the pictures appear to be reality in the political life, just as in the religious, economic, and social life.

Now we have proven the correctness of our assumption that people are dreaming with “open” eyes and ears in the middle of the day in the 20th century after Christ.

2. (Point 2 in showing that we are daydreamers in a literal sense):

We said in trait nr. 2, (of the 7 characteristic traits with every sleep and dream state), that it was typical for all dream life that people didn’t react consciously to apparent contradictions and inconsequential things. The censor is sleeping while we dream.

Yes, let’s take a look at the great technical steps forward being taken in our times. What are we getting involved in? We are studying the natural powers so that we can get the mighty power works out of nature. We mobilize all the intelligence in the world with this goal. The powers of nature illuminate us and carry us like angels on its “hands”. For thousands of years we have wanted to fly in the air. Now we can. At the same time we complain, and ask if the world wasn’t happier before all of these machines and motors were discovered? We build out enormous power stations so we will no longer have heavy work. Then we turn around and are “unemployed” and moan about that fact. Didn’t we want to be free from work? Don’t we have other things to do than toil from cradle to grave for bread, we who are born children of kings and of God? Or, what was it we wanted with our technical advances?

One day our statesmen grant millions of crowns so that the farmers can learn rational agriculture. Why do we do that when tomorrow we complain and moan because the prices have fallen and because we have too much production from agriculture? In everything we do we find ambivalence and contradictions over things we haven’t thought enough about. All of political life is like one big playhouse.

One day we complain that the prices are too high and everthing's too expensive. Another day we moan about low prices and bad times. One day we say that damages from the war and price increases on ships are a taxed income, and “good times”. Another day we assure people that we lost because of the war. Read the Annual Report from the Bank of Norway over a period of 10, 15, or 20 years, and remember that it is serious men with serious faces and troubled expressions, who take themselves quite seriously, who write these childish reports, so you can’t be in doubt that all of this is a typical example of day dreaming.

One day a man punishes a man who has stolen a pig or a pair of boots, or a man is sentenced to death for a murder. But another day the entire police department is mobilized to protect organized thievery and murder. One day a young warrior is honored for his patriotism and bravery, and his picture is put in the paper with “distinctions” on his chest, and medals for bravery are passed out. In the next moment another patriot is executed who did the same thing with even more bravery, because he was struggling alone, and maybe without any weapons, against the entire military power. The whole world is meaningless, but no one wakes up and reacts properly.


Read Jesus’ speeches sometime and you will see that He continually points out exactly the same thing - the unconscious contradictions and inconsistency - and demands that people shall begin to wake up and look around.

Recently I have read at least 10 times in the newspaper about losses due to the war. Every time the people who have been saved talk about the goodness and sacrifices, love and care that the people from the area and the district showed to the people from the shipwreck. They can’t say enough about the good lodging and distribution of food and clothes to help their neighbors. You can read until you shed tears about how nice the private people are, and how evil and irresponsible everyone is who acts as if they are, and are looked upon as being the benefactors of the people, but who bomb ships and shoot at sailors and passengers with machine guns and grenades. In spite of that, people go to church the next day and learn about the evil people, and about all the authorities, who are from God. Can anybody explain this better than Freud who assures us that it is all due to unconscious and well-meaning daydreams?

3. (Point 3 in showing that we are daydreamers in a literal sense):

We have already mentioned quite a bit about displacement and breaking of laws as far as small and unimportant things goes, while at the same time losing perspective regarding the large and determining things. The Savior says that we: “strain the mosquitoes and drink the camels”, which is a good way to describe the same thing. There must be a reason for this? There is no other useful explanation besides that while dreaming we don’t separate the important, essential, and determining from the nonessential and meaningless.

When we read about the son who is born blind in John 9 please notice the following:

a. The Pharisees complain that he had been healed on the Sabbath (John 9:16).

b. They wanted to know who the father of the blind son was.

c. How was he healed? Etc.

However, the one who had been born blind, but learned to use his eyes by the Father, answers: “If this man is a sinner, I don’t know – I only know one thing, (the main thing) that I was blind and now I can see”. That speaks for itself.

I want to say that everyone should think and reason in this way, and not ask so many irrelevant questions. I also definitely know that I was born blind before I found the Savior of the world and met Him in His words. After that meeting I received my sight, so that I could see, or begin to see. If the pastor was speaking the truth when he said that sin happens because of an evil will and evil desires, so that people mostly sin deliberately while knowing better, then the wild behavior and Pharisaism of the Church would not be easy to forgive. If people were right who murder the clergy believing that they receive payment for definitely serving the Lord of this world, and for consciously falsifying The Bible, then I would have lost faith in the God in people. Luckily sometimes the clergy also make mistakes about themselves. Luckily it is true what Jesus says on the cross – that they don’t know what they’re doing. They are living in the dream life where every objective censor is lacking, and where every meaningless thing, self-contradiction, and unreasonable thing can happen, until consciousness returns.

Unknowingly the pastor also judges himself with his teaching about the evil will and with his statement that there is an “evil desire”, that, for example, got him to study theology, or his forefathers to make offerings to the unknown! Religious drive and sensuality are certainly both good and evil, and the pious usually mean well, even though they should be able to understand the repression of a big and important thing: to learn to know yourself, while instead they are busy with hair-splitting, unimportant things, and empty formalities.

In this book we see how important and informative it is to learn the truth about yourself, and how great the delusions can be when you are lacking the Light, and are only satisfied with the name and symbols of the Light.


When we name all of these examples, maybe the reader has the impression that we are seeing or looking for examples of the dream state? The truth is that everything we see around us, and daily experience and hear, is one big proof that daydreaming is characteristic for the people of today.

For example, think about “the leaders of the workers” who learn that owning machines, houses and cars should “be abolished”, because “private capital” is the root of all evil. At the same time the organizations and right of ownership and monopoly on work are all being introduced so that someone who was poor before doesn’t even have the “right of ownership” to decide himself over his time and his labor. Think about the introduction of “state capitalism” in every country, which set fire to the whole world, while everything that “private capitalism” did was just a joke in comparison.

One time I suggested to the labor unions that since they had so much money in their union treasury, they should buy some stocks in all of the most important industries, so that the workers in the respective factories could themselves be the directors and “own” the factory. In spite of the fact that the workers have allowed themselves to be voluntarily and forcibly taxed for a generation, they still don’t own any of the many factories. The money paid into the union treasury is probably just as much as what “the employers” had paid into their stocks and bonds. Isn’t this proof that people dream and play politics and argue about unimportant things, while people are mostly deaf and blind when it comes to important things?

4. (Point 4 in showing that we are daydreamers in a literal sense):

Does anyone believe that people in their daily life would have had the same kind of feeling of shame, if they had been completely awake? How often haven’t I seen grown representatives in Parliament act in such a way that I can see by looking at them that they think what they’re doing is shameless? However, if they looked at themselves as dreamers, and really understood how they looked in the eyes of those that have passed “the division”, then they would be furious both at themselves and us, because they had made fools of themselves in their sleep.

How often haven’t I sat and listened to the pastor talk to the people, and said to myself: “If that pastor knew what we others can see by looking at him, he would blush and leave the pulpit and not come back until he is “more grown up”. Since the pastor dreams that he is much more than he is, he doesn’t have the feeling of shame that he would have later on, with the help of God.

For example, haven’t we all done things in our lives that we blush over later on, when we think back on it? Why did we do it? We did it because we were dreaming in the middle of the day, and weren’t capable of seeing ourselves. Truly, it seems like we will continue on that path, and would do well to remember Faust’s last words before he dies: “The only one who deserves to be set free is the one who daily struggles to be set free again”.

Then we have to see ourselves as a work in progress in the great creation, and adopt another view on human nature than the phrase we have learned about the evil wills and the evil egoists. Does anybody think that our scientists would confide in the public about their great lack of knowledge, if they understood that they were only talking about their own lack of knowledge? Does anybody think that they would boast and think they were empirical if they could understand that they were only participating in a childish guessing game? Does anybody think that the Director of The Bank of Norway would sign and print his own Annual Report from The Bank of Norway if he understood that other people would soon laugh themselves to death at their childish dreams around “dolls” and symbols?

Does anyone think that the self-opinionated alchemists of the past would have presented themselves as wise men, if they had known how the future would have had fun, at their expense, over their blown up delusions? The feeling of shame is missing, as we see, in all directions in the past and present – and why is that? The answer is that the great daydreams are becoming known.

Does anybody think that the boastful Germans would have disgraced themselves like they did in Norway, if they had understood that the Norwegians saw through them, and in many cases had come further along than they had in their understanding of life?

Does anybody think that the so-called race theorists would persecute the Jews because of the eugenics of the Jews, if they had known the reason for the Jewsish eugenics, and if the Germans themselves had known about the terrible misunderstandings and childish “unevenness” that are the basis for German science? This is why the Germans suffer so much because of their disappointments and losses, because they haven’t discovered and recognized the reason for the losses, which is delusion. No one can help them. They’re hitting their heads against the wall by themselves. It’s their fault that they are digging their own graves.

This teaching about our nature doesn’t suit our “selfish” nature. That is why the truth about ourselves often seems so distasteful, and that’s why Christ and the evangelists are a “stumbling block” for us. Earlier we pointed out how much easier and “tasteful” it is to hear that people are evil. Why is that so?

a. Then it is easier for us to accept that the world is the way it is.

b. Then we don’t have to think so deeply and seriously about things.

c. It is so much more comfortable to sleep and dream.

d. It is so fun to play “the authority” in a world that wants to be betrayed (!!).

e. You don’t have to insult and irritate your neighbor, if you say that he is sleeping and dreaming, etc.

f. It would be even more difficult to play “the authority” and so-called “over class”, if there wasn’t enough money, titles, equipment, rich and beautiful wives, etc.

But the Savior loved mankind so much that, in spite of all of these and other considerations, He chose to be crucified, which was the narrow and painful way against all of the foolishness and mirages in the world.

If you decide to stand up and wash your feet and cleanse your soul of all of the remnants from the heavy sleep of nature in you, you will soon see how much richer life seems to you, and how the “peace” of Christ will come to you. “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, give I to you”. Begin to read Jesus’ speech at the communion table, and you will begin to experience that someone who is fully awake is speaking to those who are still sleeping.

This is what is the sting of Christianity. This is what awakens much irritation.

We understand very well that this interpretation of The Bible and understanding of human nature seems to be and must be irritating for the clergy and its followers. This cannot be avoided. The Savior also knew this, and He warned us about it.

5. (Point 5 in showing that we are daydreamers in a literal sense):

All children like to dream that it’s Christmas Eve and their birthday, and that they will “get” all of their wishes fulfilled. We grown-ups can also experience that, and what is remarkable is that also that, which we won’t admit that we are wishing for, also that we can come to experience in a dream.

Both Freud and his students have talked about there being many examples of this. The wishes don’t have to be conscious; they can be in us both in “forgotten” and “repressed” mental states. We will not go more in detail here.

The money collector dreams that he will be richer and earn a lot of money when the prices go up and “the numbers” reproduce in the form of “securities”. It is often a terrible awakening for a speculator and for a businessman, when the illusion breaks, and he discovers that price increases and security increases in reality mean an effective loss. It was unbelievably informative to be a Norwegian during the time of “the enormous war profits”, that everyone talked about and believed in, and suddenly disappeared like snow that melts “between our hands”. When “the crises” came, in reality there was no crisis. “The crisis” was only experienced as a “nightmare” in the dream state of everybody, who dreamed that they had become rich. However, since at least 98% of the Norwegian people had experienced “the enormous war profits” as reality, it’s obvious that “the crisis” also became something similar to reality.


“Snobbery” consists of people of no consequence dreaming that they have become “meaningful” when they associate with kings, princes, and princesses, and every one who is considered “distinguished”. “The snobs” like to borrow a little glance from those who are supposed to be “well-known”, because then they experience in their dreams that they are really well known.


In connection with this, I would like to tell my readers something from my own life experiences. There was a time in my life that I appeared to play a certain role! It was far from being anything really big. However, the group of those who listened to me speak grew larger and larger, and this was something that a certain kind of daydreamer would think was a sure sign that I had to be “a great man”. Then when I was elected to be a representative to the Parliament, there could no longer be any doubt that I had a future for myself.

During that time I had a chance to study many different types of mentality. The type that is of interest here is the type who dreamed that he “agreed” and “understood”, at the same time that he from the beginning to the end shouted out that he unfortunately certainly didn’t understand. He dreamed that he did, however.

These types were especially easy to recognize because they always had to be in opposition or find something to have another viewpoint about. They dreamed that they were the greatest, and sometimes they began by themselves, to show and demonstrate how terribly seriously they meant it. Most important of all, they shouldn’t appear as “supporters without any criticism” or “followers of Brochmann”, etc. Because of their own internal insufficiency, they felt insulted by the daily press, when they were called supporters; and every time the cock crowed, they flatly denied that such was the case.

But when this type of person presented themselves as belonging to “the party” or “the movement”, and they even dreamed that they had initiated new movements, that were even bigger and which caused much fighting and confusion, I was forced to reply sharply, so that I would not be misunderstood and falsified to death. Sometimes, for the sake of truth, I was forced to reply rather strongly. When that happened my opponents fairly automatically divided into 2 camps:

a. Those who were always interested in the true and correct, and

b. Those who were at another level, and who certainly hadn’t joined the information work due to the love of truth, but because they dreamed about revenge for their earlier “situations in life” and now they were going to rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of their fellow members. This was typical daydreaming, that has an unknown goal of being “greater” and “more meaningful”. The whole thing had to do with them, without them understanding or seeing it.

In time, this type of daydreamer became more and more hostile toward me, but why? The natural answer was that my criticism forced them to either pass over “the division” and wake up to a complete acknowledgement and understanding of their own insufficiency, or to continue in the dream and energetically hold tight to their own dreams of greatness. I wonder if this is how Judas also developed? I wonder if the reason the Savior held on to him was that He saw the path Judas had to follow because of his own innate quality and personal activity? Christ did not hate him. After a while, however, Judas came to hate Him – had to hate Him! That is why the Savior allowed Judas to “play the role” in the great world drama, that everyone of the same mental attitude always has to play.


In my struggle for a new orientation to life, I realized that, I and all the other “persons” involved, were not significant. I was very happy if I found someone who built with me and gathered with me. If someone came along who was quiet, but joined us anyway, that was also good. If there was someone who tore down and created chaos, that was also the way it should be, or had to be. However, if there were people who came who felt that certain persons were more important than the cause was, and then they created confusion exclusively for their own goals, then something had to be done about that. Judas behaved similarly as can be seen in the story about the nice ointment. It could have been sold to get money for the poor, and he reproached Jesus that He allowed Himself to be anointed with such a nice ointment.

Judas carried the bag himself. He had offered to carry it and had dreamed that he was the most capable to understand the finances.

Judas didn’t believe that Christ saw through him! When he realized at the communion table that He did, he went out into the night full of hate for someone who only wished him well. Christ also took Judas’ guilt on Himself, when He said: “What you are going to do, do it soon”. That’s the same as saying that Christ pushed the button and said that now it was time for the curtain to go up for the last act. I know you Judas. Go out now and get the ones who are to imprison me and crucify me. This is exactly what I had thought you would do, and I saw that you would do. You had to be bought by my opponents, because you fell for the temptation to put personal gain, wishes, and plans ahead of salvation for the people.

When this became clear for Judas, he went away and was desperate. Then he understood that he hadn’t measured up! Then Judas woke up from his dream. Then he went over the division, and then, when the daydream broke for him, then he couldn’t cope with his own life anymore.

There are many, who have shared his fate, and therefore we have to go forward carefully, so we are not brutal, but loving and patient, when we try to take away both the dream and the desire for wish fulfillment from our friends. Be careful with the virgin! Be careful when you wake up your life companions from their dream life, or else they will hate you as Judas hated Jesus.

Let the child grow away from its dolls by itself, and don’t tramp on the child’s symbols unless the child has become so big that it no longer is seemly to play with dolls. You have to help the child to pass over the division – i.e. transition to being awake.

Pilate’s wife had also dreamed, but in another way than Judas. She wanted everything to go well for her husband, and had heard about the situation with the Jews and Jesus. “Don’t have anything to do with this Jesus, I have dreamt something that worried me”, says Mrs. Pilate, and sends a messenger for her husband. The former is stated this way in Matthew 27:19:“When he was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying:Have nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him’” (Copied from the Bible.com Website).



Just this little section proves the historical truth about Christ and the people. It is easier for the woman’s nature to hear and understand when the unconscious and repressed speak to us while asleep. The woman’s intuition has probably unconsciously been included in the story, because all of the character traits of human nature should be included in the picture. No Shakespeare could have done better. The artistic capabilities in The Bible are unchallenged and brilliant.

Mrs. Pilate also documents the truth in the modern mental research. When she was awake, she didn’t doubt her husband’s great capabilities as a judge and governor in Jerusalem. During the night she has fearful suspicions, and “prophesizes” as good as anybody else. “Yes”, says the priest, “it was God Who wanted to warn Pilate in this way”.

Yes, exactly, we say. But how does that go together with the clergy who flee from mental research and deny what it purports, namely that the spirit of God makes itself known in our dream state, deep inside where it can speak undisturbed with us, because the artificial and conventional “censor” has taken a nap. While we are dreaming we see the repressed, “forgotten”, and “unnoticed”. That’s why The Bible talks a lot about the dream life and about God talking to us in dreams.

We should be glad the Mrs. Pilate dreamed correctly. We should thank the spirit of God that her dream and warning was included in the word of God.

It is a happy man who listens well to his woman when she speaks to him from the intuitive. Often the woman “sees” correctly without being able to explain “why” and “how”. Kristine Bonnevie is probably an exception? (Kristine Bonnevie, 1872-1948) was the first female professor in Norway. She was a zoologist who researched in many areas, but was also well known for her involvement in social issues). However she was educated under the tree of knowledge, which isn’t always a good thing.

When judging the woman’s intuition, her own character and mental condition also need to be taken into consideration. Her intuition and visions in her dreams can be empty conventional and stupid phrases, that don’t talk about anything other than spiritual poverty. If she is her husband’s “protector” and “counselor”, she can also be her husband’s snare. There are good and bad inspirations with women as well as with men. There are men who learn to listen to the “feminine” in their own nature, and she can also be worth listening to, because she is more receptive for intuitions than the superficial, blustering, and selfish in the masculine element in the man’s mental equipment.

Herod is also a typical daydreamer, and it is interesting and very informative to see how the Savior treats him. Herod is a snob with not many capabilities. However, he belongs to the group that dreams that they are especially spiritually endowed and equipped. This is another type than Judas, who certainly didn’t claim to have great spiritual abilities. He looks at himself in the opposite way, as “a fairly common man”, “but a man with good understanding and a sense of the practical and the realistic”. Luckily this was also the way he was presented in Oberammergau (The name of a little German village where a passion play about the life of Jesus is shown each year. The first time this play was performed was in 1634), so that every practical thinking man could find himself and his own inner being again in him (Judas). Who doesn’t sell his soul “when simply practical reasons dictate that”?

Herod is quite different. He wants to shine both with his princely exterior and with “spiritually rich” phrases and with great interest “for higher things”. In his time, Herod was the representative for “spiritual science” and for everyone else who had “a sense for higher things” without that meaning that they would sympathize with the priesthood. Caiaphas represented the classical Jewish faith. Pilate represented the Roman state heathenism, and Herod represented “the higher spiritual life” of the time, i. e. superstition, mysticism, witchcraft, and spiritual snobbery in a purely human and oriental display.

Herod dreamed that he was a very great and spiritually rich gentleman; and his daydream was always true because he was surrounded with a large staff of admirers and hypocrites.

There were many times that Herod and Pilate had exchanged their views on life, although it hadn’t been a very good experience for them. Pilate was an honest and open heathen, who didn’t hide the fact that he was an atheist. Herod was a well-known hypocrite, and as said before, a man who dreamed great dreams about his own spirit. I have often met both of these types in my life, so I will allow myself to say that I know both of them very well. Pilate thinks, when he was going to sentence Jesus, “this would surely be something for Herod”? This is exactly how every heathen thinks when he is faced with “mystical” people with “mystical” abilities. “ This must be something for my anthroposophist friend”! In addition, Pilate was looking for a way to avoid humoring the Jewish clergy whom he correctly understood to be a simple band of hypocrites. So he sends this strange carpenter, who calls Himself a king, and Who threatens to tear down the whole temple and build it up again in three days (!!) to Herod, so he can look at Him. Pilate doesn’t follow along, because Herod’s “mystical wisdom” is just as unimportant to him, as is the “miracle maker from Galilee”.

For many years I had a definite picture of the conflict between the Mental Savior of the World and all of the Gnostic arts and ways of thinking. Therefore I was really interested to see Jesus with Herod when I came to the passion play in Oberammergau, Germany. I felt very confirmed and was happily surprised to experience that right there they had seen the correct psychological relationship between these two. Herod was sitting in all his splendor and glory, surrounded by all of his admirers and hypocrites. It’s clear that he feels flattered that Pilate has shown him this attention, and now he even gets the chance to steal and learn a little from the miracle maker, if there are any tricks and profound remarks to learn from Him. Finally Herod is going to be able to show his surroundings how deeply he is involved in his spiritual science, and he is certain that this will be a good experience for both him and the miracle maker.

It’s important to mention here that it has never happened in this entire story that the Savior of the world has not answered when he was asked something. All of the hypocrites, Pharisees, and other dreamers were answered. Even Caiaphas got a stinging reply! However, here, before Herod, the Savior remains silent!

The story is presented in Luke 23:

1 And the whole multitude of them arose, and led him unto Pilate. 2 And they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar, saying that he himself is Christ a King. 3 And Pilate asked him, saying, Art thou the King of the Jews? And he answered him and said, Thou sayest it. 4 Then said Pilate to the chief priests and to the people, I find no fault in this man. 5 And they were the more fierce, saying, He stirreth up the people, teaching throughout all Jewry, beginning from Galilee to this place. 6 When Pilate heard of Galilee, he asked whether the man were a Galilaean. 7 And as soon as he knew that he belonged unto Herod's jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, who himself also was at Jerusalem at that time. 8 And when Herod saw Jesus, he was exceeding glad: for he was desirous to see him of a long season, because he had heard many things of him; and he hoped to have seen some miracle done by him. 9 Then he questioned with him in many words; but he answered him nothing. 10 And the chief priests and scribes stood and vehemently accused him. 11 And Herod with his men of war set him at nought, and mocked him, and arrayed him in a gorgeous robe, and sent him again to Pilate. 12 And the same day Pilate and Herod were made friends together: for before they were at enmity between themselves). (Copied from the Bible.com Website).


On the stage in Oberammergau, first Herod talks about a dream he has had and asks Christ to interpret it. When Christ doesn’t answer, Herod clearly becomes a little “worried in his sleep”! He looks around and maybe sees that some people are smiling? “Alright”, says Herod, “maybe you don’t understand dream interpretation, I will ask you about something else”. However, Jesus just stands there, looking him straight in the eye, and doesn’t say one word.

The effect is enormous. What Herod, the daydreamer, wishes is not fulfilled. Something has to be wrong here. Herod wonders: “Is that miserable wretch making a fool out of me”?, and looks around insecurely to read other people’s faces to see what they mean. Herod asks a third question – a short one. One last way out! But when Christ also remains quiet, he yells to his servants: “He is a fool! Put the fool’s cape on Him!”

Herod saves his dream. His wish is fulfilled anyway. Christ is naturally a fool who doesn’t understand either “spiritual science” or “higher worlds”. This is the only way out to protect the illusion. “Jesus has to be dumb”, since he didn’t even understand that Herod is a wise and “more informed” (!) man, than most of the people, and in addition Jesus let all of His chances pass by. He could have been saved so easily if He had just discussed the mysteries of life in a little high-flying and flattering way, so that Herod could have better exploited the situation and increased his belief in his greatness.

Think if those who followed after Christ in history had always followed this consequential line to be totally quiet in front of Gnostics and never get involved with them! Think if those following Christ had followed His consequential behavior in front of Pilate and Caiaphas.

But that is not what they did. The men of Christ’s church have always vacillated back and forth between humoring “the state”, and listening to the mystics and discussing the higher worlds with them!

“The shining garment” that Luke talks about, was a fool’s cape in Oberammergau. As far as I’m concerned, the Savior couldn’t have had better clothing than just this “fool’s cape”, from those involved with Herod, since true Christianity must appear foolish to the type of people like Herod.

There are many who think that Christ remained quiet before Herod because Herod had executed John, the Baptist to satisfy one of his mistresses. ( Matthew 14). There can be much truth in that. But, I think the most important thing to learn from is that the Savior wanted nothing to do with that type of daydreamer that Herod represented.

Luke 13: 31-33, talks about Herod wanting to kill Christ. But Christ answers: “The same day there came certain of the Pharisees, saying unto him, Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee. 32 And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected. 33 Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem”. (Copied from the Bible.com Website).


Surely this answer reached Herod, and his interest is awakened because Jesus greets him in a seemingly “occult” way, which appealed to Herod.


My little experience in life is that the correct way to treat the “ spiritual scientists” is to be quiet. Then you will be branded as a fool who can’t speak with them about their high-flying “science”. This is what is most appropriate for every spiritual movement with an evangelical basis, because otherwise those interested in spiritual science will come and try to make things difficult.

To be the servant of truth and light and proclaim is really the simplest and cleanest thing there is. Dealing with caste formations and spiritual snobbery with signs and mysticism is only “nonsense” and crafty speculation in the performance life of innocent people. Those kinds of people the Savior will not recognize or be involved with.

And finally this – After this, people shouldn’t believe that the Savior of the world was remiss in his duties with Herod, the person. Christ had a strong effect on his dream state by looking at him and not answering. Silence is a terribly powerful answer to the self-absorbed Herod. Look at yourself – Herod! This was the only and last chance that Herod got. However, from that day there was a friendship between “the state heathenism” and the believers in mystery. They had the same opponent, the Savior of the world, who will rid the world of both of them.

There are enough examples in church history about the sophisticated way that “the state” and the mystery wisdom worked together against the Christian church. Just think about the mystic Maximos, who got Julian to discontinue the open hostility and implacability toward the Christian church. Then it was suggested that Christianity could be on the same level as “other religions”, on the condition that the state should have something to say when the people’s teachers and spiritual guides would be educated and authorized.

This was the most dangerous of all the attempts that the falsehoods of life have invented in their struggle against Christianity. Christian teachings were reduced to a “religion” in competition with all kinds of superstition and mysticism, and “the state” would authorize the teaching force.

When the world develops and grows, and people begin to wake up from their dream and play with symbols, so will Christian teachings, the way to live your life, and all of God’s words be thrown on the scrap heap together with “all the other scrap”; and that kind of change is now being experienced in the world.

On the other side, “the state”-authorized teaching force in the meantime has completed the falsifying and misunderstanding of Christian teachings, so that only a few are able to differentiate between religion and Christianity.

We can also look at the history of Valentianism, which is discussed another place in this book. This whole story shows that the open hostility of “the state” against the Savior’s teachings about God and people was not dangerous for Christian teachings, compared with all of the mixing that took place between the word of God and Gnosticism in all its forms. The last was worse than the first. (Valentinus founded a school of speculative Christian theology in the second century AD. Because he and his followers drew a distinction between the true God and the creator of the world, modern scholars classify them as "Gnostics").

Christianity’s whole being is based on good impulses and inspirations of light and truth, which is the exact opposite of academic dialectics and metaphysic theology. No one knows how the wind blows, how the Holy Spirit comes and goes. But the spirit of school wisdom and authorization is bought with money and is often measured out into a calculated syllabus, according to expedient considerations.

The Gnostic Maximos knew enough to give the Christian church the most dangerous mortal wound of all, and the fall of man in the Christian church after this time clearly shows that Maximos and Julian were the assistants of the night in the struggle against the light of day.


It is true that the Savior of the world “went into the strong house to bind the strong and steal his goods”, the time when Christ went into the religious picture world and tried to guide all kinds of religious (dynamic) instincts with the conscious goal of winning the peoples’ hearts and faith, feelings, and mentality. He did it as thoroughly as only He could, who was without mistake in His knowledge about our nature. Also notice that His enemy, the falsehoods of life, answered with exactly the same mental methods and tactics.

The spirits of state heathenism, Judaism, and Gnosticism came together and went into the strong house of Christianity and “mixed the terms”, and under the name and mask of Christianity with the idea of winning its “goods” back, which consisted of the heart, faith, thoughts, and feelings of the people.

Now the war in heaven against the army of Satan is reaching its climax, but fear not. Christ is not duped, surprised, or betrayed, because we people and our shepherds have been duped and taken advantage of. Christ both saw ahead of time and said ahead of time everything that would happen, so that our faith should be strengthened when his predictions were fulfilled. The holy spirit of truth, which He promised that God would send in His place, is here on earth, and the new Light comes closer every day. The world has soon slept enough and the world will soon pass “the division” between the conscious and unconscious.


The scriptures often say that God talks to us in dreams! This is the best proof available for Freud’s big discovery. The most beautiful example in life I know is in I Kings, where the wise and sensible Salomon speaks with God in his dream: “In Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee. 6 And Solomon said, Thou hast shewed unto thy servant David my father great mercy, according as he walked before thee in truth, and in righteousness, and in uprightness of heart with thee; and thou hast kept for him this great kindness, that thou hast given him a son to sit on his throne, as it is this day. 7 And now, O Lord my God, thou hast made thy servant king instead of David my father: and I am but a little child: I know not how to go out or come in. 8 And thy servant is in the midst of thy people which thou hast chosen, a great people, that cannot be numbered nor counted for multitude. 9 Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people? 10 And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing. 11 And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast asked the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment; 12 Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee. 13 And I have also given thee that which thou hast not asked, both riches, and honour: so that there shall not be any among the kings like unto thee all thy days. 14 And if thou wilt walk in my ways, to keep my statutes and my commandments, as thy father David did walk, then I will lengthen thy days. 15 And Solomon awoke; and, behold, it was a dream. And he came to Jerusalem, and stood before the ark of the covenant of the Lord, and offered up burnt offerings, and offered peace offerings, and made a feast to all his servants”. (I Kings 3: 5 – 15).

(Copied from the Bible.com Website).


Here Salomon is clearly talking about his innermost being. He has clearly given us his innermost wish, and here he experiences that it is fulfilled. His heart speaks out of his inmost longings. He begs for insight and wisdom before everything else. He has a feeling that this is what God, the Creator, really wants for us people, and so he experiences the most beautiful reality that God promises him wisdom, and completely accepts Salomon’s correct evaluation and understanding of life.

If, for example, Salomon had thought that God didn’t like “the temple for the idol” that he was building then, God would have warned him about that in his dream. Or if Salomon had heard our “church”- moral, and heard that living with many women was supposed to be the most terrible of all the sins, so Salomon would have dreamt that the Lord God would have powerfully corrected him, since he had 5000 wives! Everything points to the fact that people in ancient times looked differently at instinct and reproduction, than we do. Who today thinks about begging God for wisdom, and dreams that God accepts and fulfills his highest wishes, while at the same time having 5000 wives? We are looking at a foreign mentality, and a foreign way of evaluating morality. It looks like maybe we have to go over to the oriental peoples’ morality and vision of life in order to be finished with our neuroses?

Or how is it? Maybe the whole Orient has stopped developing in the spiritual area, because they have a freer sexual life? Maybe that is why in Western Europe we continually develop and continually create revolutions and wars, conflicts and chaos, because we try to dam up and close in the erotic instinct as much as possible?

There aren’t many nervous people in China, according to people who have been there. In China, the woman believes that the worst thing that can happen to her is that she could die before being a mother.

Here at home it often looks like the opposite, in that it seems to be shameful to be a mother unless the pastor, at least the judge, has been involved.

If it is true that the way we understand our sexual life, decides how irritable and nervous we are, and causes internal sensitivities, and that these “delicate” qualities make us more radical and enterprising, genial and good at developing, than when the more platonic qualities are developed in us (as they are in the Orient), then we have one of the proofs that Christianity, both the correct and maybe also the misunderstood, is genetic (= creative) in its whole bias.

Intelligence and spiritual life are combined in many ways with how we live, and with the conditions and relationships under which we come to the world.


Pain, and not in the least “unhappy love” and resistance to life, often wake higher levels of consciousness, and often bring forth geniuses and higher inspirations. It is not by chance that there is a connection between the following words:

Genesis = beginning, creation (one of the books in The Pentateuch, for example)

Genethliakon = a cradle song, birthday poem

Genetic = has to do with crops and creation

Genetrix = mother

Genius = genii = spiritual power

Genitals = family, species

Genus irritable vatum = the irritated species (the author’s irritated family).


There is an old expression that says: “Too much and too little spoils everything”. The European cultural life has gotten so far off the track that it soon will collapse. At the same time there are new thoughts, new forms of life, and new progress that are being created.

Be sure that Solomon’s relationship to women has played a fairly definite role, just as the “repression” of our instincts here in Western Europe have played and are playing their role.

In China people are living just as they did 5000 years ago. They have no neuroses, but “nerves of steel”, etc.

In Europe there is an eternal restlessness – but also an eternal, restless “new creation”.

Compare to the deliberate words of Jesus in Luke 12: 49 – 53:


"49 I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled? 50 But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished! 51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: 52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. 53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law."

(Copied from Bible.com)


It should not be difficult to understand the Mental Savior of the World in these words. However, these words are somewhat similar to those of the oriental “founders of religion” and those who are in a spiritual deep sleep, that the liberal theologian dares to place on the same level as the Savior of the world.


In Mark. 9:45 – 50, it says: 45 And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter halt into life, than having two feet to be cast into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched: 46 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. 47 And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire: 48 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. 49 For every one shall be salted with fire, and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt. 50 Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another”. (Copied from the Bible.com Website).

As far as we know the Savior was celibate. We also know that Paul was certainly not involved with living with women. It really is a mystery how the Savior was able to combine maidenly feelings and an all-seeing eye, and at the same time say such masculine words and do such masculine deeds and limit all sentimentality, and at the same time was able to have such love for everyone. This is an example for all of us, who think we can see a little bit.

If the creative spiritual life had followed the words of Paul, then the world wouldn’t be “over populated”, as some people think it is.

As previously mentioned, Salomon has clearly shared with us his entire inner being in his dream! At the same time he has “divulged the great secret of life”, which is that it is wisdom that we are lacking.

If our style of writing in Allegories (from the book "Science and the Bible") is correct, then there is no prayer that sounds better in the ear of the Creator than this: “ Give us a hearing heart”.

When I was a child I dreamed about becoming a pastor and doctor on Madagascar. However, school was the worse thing I knew, so I couldn’t become a missionary. When I was an adult, I discovered that it was really unnecessary to travel to Madagascar to find heathens who offered the blood of their children for their pictures and symbols. Here we offer many more children and much more blood of children to our pictures of idols, than they do on Madagascar. My inmost childhood dream came true – “obviously”.

When I woke up and understood my own dream and longing, “black people” were swarming around me. So we should pay attention to our dreams.

If you are wandering on the wrong path because your foot (= your situation in life) is bothering you, so try changing your life. But don’t get mad at me if you dream that you have a greater call in your life than you think you can fill.

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more”. Luke 12:48. (Copied from the Bible.com Website).

None of us can grow to be greater than we are, but if we have learned to pray as Solomon did, so we will be totally adjusted to his way of approaching things. One day God will also speak to us in our dreams and call on us. For God, true living reality is inside of us. The “strength” God has in us is dependent on the strength of Light that the Spirit has inside of us. Whoever meditates without seeking more Light in their life, will easily sleep and disappoint themselves.

Our readers can continue to look into the correctness of point 5 regarding our dream life (i.e. in our dreams things that we don’t admit that we want while we’re awake, we will experience in our dreams). They will often be surprised over “what they are able to see”.

A good way to understand psychology and the dream life is to closely study small children, and go into their game without waking them up, disturbing them, or making them unnecessarily absorbed with themselves. You don’t need to read books, if you have the ability of reading the child’s mind. There you will learn the whole truth about yourself and your companions in life. When you read about the speeches of Jesus, the parables, “miracles” and actions, later on you will thank your child for your wisdom, and you will not continue as before to indiscriminately believe in pastors and Sunday schools.

6. (of the 7 characteristic traits with every sleep and dream state). In many cases, the dream is a suitable protection for continued sleep, and in other cases it is the opposite.

Consider the following – You are to be at work, for example at the office with your boss, at exactly 9:00. However, the evening before you were up late partying, got to bed late, and overslept two hours. While you are sleeping, you dream that you are at the office with your boss, and your boss is nodding to you and smiling and expresses great satisfaction with you! This is an example of how the dream is protecting your sleep. It is your own nature and your own body that in “self defense” takes precedence over what time it is and what your duty is – and in a dynamic way “takes over and lets you continue to sleep”.

It’s a different story if you are not sleeping restfully, because you are restless. That kind of “restlessness” is what caused Nicodemus to visit the Savior at night. The censor said the following to Nicodemus – You may not go to the carpenter during the day, because that will attract attention! Your colleagues sleep deeper that you do, Nicodemus, and they dream that they know everything God wants them to know. God smiles to them while they’re sleeping and expresses His satisfaction with them, and they continue to sleep. They’ve been on a spiritual binge for many thousands of years and they need to sleep a little more. But, Nicodemus, you are worried, and quietly are requesting God for more Light; therefore you should go to the carpenter during the night and find out. Maybe He isn’t as crazy and dangerous as my colleagues believe.

It was unforgettable when I sat and experienced Nicodemus in Oberammergau. The educated ones had a council meeting and gave Judas the money. But Nicodemus immediately stood up and yelled to the others as he left them: “I will not be a part of betraying innocent blood”.

That was enough for Nicodemus! Then he woke up completely. He went over “the division” and became one of the Savior’s best friends.

I want to repeat again, if science and theology don’t understand that people have a long spiritual binge behind them, then they don’t understand what to do with a genetic and mental Savior either. Then they continue to drink the blood from the Son of God and cry out in their sleep: “His blood is pouring over us and our children”.

Once when I was a little boy, I was sitting in the Cathedral in Kristiansand and I heard a pietistic bishop call out to the congregation: “I want nothing else than Jesus Christ, and to have Him crucified”. So, I thought: “If Christ would come to Kristiansand now, then the bishop would crucify Him again”. This was truly a mystery for me until I found Freud’s teachings about our life of daydreaming. That was the first time I understood the pietistic pastor’s warm thirst for blood, and the big interest that people have in the military and faith in “the state”, etc.

The religious dream about a Savior and the kingdom of God is correct. The difference between the religious “state” believers and me is only that their whole lives they are dreaming and wishing that they were Christian people and that they lived in a Christian society. They have this dream protecting their sleep, so they don’t react to our meaningless world. On the other hand, I was so “unlucky” that I was awakened too early. I have often been along out in the Garden of Gethsemane and seen all of Jesus’ sleepy disciples and heard the Savior call to the Spirit: “Father, if it is possible, let this

chalice pass from me, not my will, but thine be done”!

And what do you want? Do you know yourself what you want? Do you want to crucify the Savior of the world in 2000 years again? Don’t you religious drinkers ever get enough blood? Don’t you ever learn to see your own wretchedness? Do you want to see your churches and cultures ruined for eternity, because you always choose the Barrabas system?

Do you want to eternally invoke His blood over you and over your children? Or will you wake up as Nicodemus did and be born completely again in spirit and in truth?

I am just asking you this question. Jesus knows you and He is patient with you. He knew that your dream protected your sleep, and that, for the time being, your pictures were enough for you. He knows that in your daydreaming you experience, as true reality, both you and your society as having been “Christian” for a long time. He knows that you have deterioration in you from the earth that has produced you. He has given you His blood so that you can drink it, as long as you need it. God in the heavens, Jesus Father, doesn’t need blood, but your father needs blood, because he was a man killer completely from the beginning.

Can’t you understand me? Then read John 8:43 and 45 where it says clearly why you don’t understand. I have a lot of friends and opponents who don’t understand. However, if they had understood, and if it had been possible to wake them up from the spiritual dream where they live, then the whole world would have been spared for these blood baths. The Jews wouldn’t have had the very last persecution. My fatherland would have stood as a shining example for the rest of the world, because Norway had been the country where the light of truth was first in the heavens!


But on the other side, you have to look out for not ridiculing the symbols, the daydreaming, and the Jews. You need to be careful that you don’t think you are completely awake before you really are. Maybe you will talk in your sleep and expose yourself, and be involved in involuntary scandals before you are completely awake?

Be careful that you don’t talk in a derogatory way about human nature, because then you will be guilty of a judgment from hell.


There’s a story about a boy who went out into the woods on a Sunday morning. Out there he found a fox in a fox trap. The fox had only one foot in the trap and had begun to chew on that foot to get loose. The boy felt sorry for the fox and opened the trap and let the fox go. The boy thought that the fox would be very grateful for this, but the fox didn’t believe there was anything good about humans, with good reason. In addition the fox was so filled with fear and the fear of death, that the first thing he did was to get right in front of the boy’s face and give him a terrible bite. This is the mentality of a fox when it is very afraid.

Later on, when the fox was far away from the boy, maybe it felt some kind of thankfulness to the boy, and some kind of regret because he had bitten his benefactor and liberator? When the Savior calls Herod a fox, He surely means that it is a suitable analogy. In all of our history, it is very clear that all the geniuses and great spirits who have been shown to be the greatest benefactors and “liberators” for mankind, first have been terribly bitten by those around them, but later they came into other thoughts and regretted, and so have “the prophets graves been built” and they have been “canonized”.

Mankind is firmly caught with all “four legs” (= science, religion, politics, and art) in the peoples’ trap, which has been set up by the falsehoods of life. People are filled with fear and mutual distrust. That’s why most of the people are afraid of freedom and truth, and love organization and force and discipline. (This is in spite of people saying that they highly regard freedom, and feign love for both truth and freedom). People fear being set free, because they don’t believe anything good about themselves. That s why we see that Jesus is always teaching us to “Fear not”! At the same time He gives us enough time to sleep and dream further.

When this book is finally printed and read, I can expect that there will be a reaction of horror and fear. If I am still around, I am prepared that people will want to “bite” me quite a bit. But later on, when it’s possible to “talk freely about everything”, as Christ says, I hope that people will understand me better. I also hope that they will be able to get rid of all other “mementoes”, except for those that have been naturally developed in their mental life, because of my work of “shedding light” for them! Remember – this is not from me! I could never have thought these thoughts and seen these visions without the powerful inspiration from the word of God and without the new Light from the holy spirit of truth.



I belonged to the group of restless sleepers! The dream couldn’t protect me anymore. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything became so unreal and meaningless that I had to go over the division.

That was the time that I began to work with two types of reality and two types of ways to think. (Please see my book: The Living Society, Chapter 2).

7. (of the 7 characteristic traits with every sleep and dream state). We certainly know about the transition from dream to reality. I don’t think we need many words about that. Everyone knows the transition from when they’re sleeping in their bed at night to when they wake up to “the hard” or “pleasant” reality!

Most people have experienced many times the division between the so-called illusions or “daydreams” and reality.

Some people dread getting married, but are pleasantly surprised, and others who had looked forward to being married, are very disappointed.

Read Cally Monrad’s poem about “The Sanctuary of Art” where she tells about her own dreams about art and the life of the artist, until she discovered and experienced the great betrayal.

Since all people can talk about this side of daydreaming, we don’t need to discuss this any further. We just want to add that all of the –isms, sects, religions, and parties are an expression for people’s dream life. In dreams they are fighting about “the correct faith”, “the correct committee members”, “the correct pictures, symbols, and theological systems”. When they’re awake, they will all discover that they all want the same thing. Yes, Russia, Germany, England, Japan, and America will all have the same things. “Jøssings” and Quislings also want the same thing.

When all of mankind passes over the division and “wake up”, and the Savior comes out of the clouds, and we have come out of the fog, and the veil falls for all the riddles and problems in life, we will all be very pleasantly surprised. It’s always the case that “reality is a thousand times more beautiful than all of the lost illusions together”, as Edvard Grieg used to say.

If, after all of this, you still ask if it is true that people dream in the middle of the day, and what does it matter if we admit it, than I will answer you that it is absolutely certain that the world is still dreaming and that the consequences of such a view are as innumerable as all the stars in the sky.

Then we can look forward to that time when “the sun” that symbolized “the Church” in our spiritual heaven, and the moon that represents “the state” in the same heaven, soon will fall down from our “heavens”, and the many shining “stars” will go out and our whole earth will become something different and it will be new.

It will be a completely new heaven, with new light and new stars, and there will be a new earth. “See the old is past – see that everything has become new”, because we have become new. Sin and death will be “absorbed” into victory, because we, just as the Savior, will understand that all sin was only delusion or the fruits of delusion.

Thank your Savior, Jesus Christ, because He is the true and positive Savior for you and the whole world.




Chapter 18