Chapter 18




The Savior of the World speaks

This speech was held about 2000 years ago, and as far as we can see, it was very well and clearly reported. Nevertheless, later on it was misinterpreted, or in large part ignored and falsified, because people wanted to give the appearance that the speech was a religion, and that it didn’t really have anything to do with the relationship between us here on earth. They seemed to think it had to do with the condition that would be established between us, in a world and a society that would probably be on the other side of the cemetery.

We have found that the writings give a detailed report about people who are now alive and about our positive Savior here on earth. (John 5:39).

We appeal to the readers to closely compare our interpretation with Matthew, Chapters 5, 6 and 7, because everyone can make up their own mind in this disagreement between us and the “churches” and sects, who teach that this way to live and orient your life espoused by Jesus Christ doesn’t apply directly to our ways of living together here on earth and that more or less maintains that “ religion is a private thing”, or that the Gospel of Christ shouldn’t be understood to have anything to do with politics, economy, life in society, philosophy, art, science, etc.

The speech was held on a mountain or a height outside of Jerusalem, and the place was possibly chosen on purpose as a place that was “a little too high” and less accessible for the authorities and their wives. It is known for certain that Paul was usually not present and probably never was present when Jesus spoke.

It is very important that every reader checks carefully to see if we have given involuntary misinterpretations, or if we have overlooked important things, or added something that is not completely and absolutely in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Small numbers are added after each section so the reader can follow along. The numbers refer to the various verse numbers in the “new” Testament, which is now over 2000 years old.

If our readers should find something “new”, they shouldn’t immediately think that this new thing should be attributed to the author of this book. Instead they should understand that the theological “irregularities”, “religionizing”, and “falsifying” is just a very old phenomenon that has its psychological explanation in the slow and sleepy nature of the human being. Our struggle against this deteriorating slowness, is similar to the Savior’s own struggle against those of His time who lacked light and the ability to understand and acknowledge the truth.

Christ speaks on the mountain,

and we call His theme:

“The Way, or the Truth about Life”.


The simple people are often the happiest, because they are closer to the Kingdom of God and the beautiful reality, than are the educated, knowledgeable, and overstuffed ones.

Happy are those who are distressed, because they can’t get along in a world like today’s is. They should find comfort. The future lies ahead for those who are mistreated, are not happy, and suffer injustice. The happiest are those who are peaceful, because they are the ones who shall inherit the earth, and will experience the joy of life and world peace, while the others unconsciously are seeking death and the kingdom of the dead, because they don’t see their own misunderstanding of life on earth. Happy are those who hunger and thirst for justice, because their instincts and desires are what create the continual movements and the eternal growth and lengthening of life. Woe is the satisfied, contented, and the indifferent. Lucky are the compassionate, mild, and dedicated, because they sow compassion and they shall reap what they sow. Happy are they with clean and uninfected thoughts, because they shall discover God, be confident with God, and be friends with God. (Verse 8).

Happy are you if you struggle and suffer for the sake of justice, because you already carry the kingdom of God (= the kingdom of the future) inside of your soul, while those who strive to be unjust and indifferent, never find peace in their soul and never find true rest.

Do not be heavy-hearted and don’t lose courage if the common people, who are the majority, ridicule you and work against you, slander you, misunderstand, and suspect you, when you confess to my teachings. Be happy, and let it be encouraging to think that you have the same fate as all of the other prophets and wise men in history. You are in good company. Just let the followers of foolishness go where they will, and let them dig their own grave, so their foolishness can die with them. (Verse 12).

Always remember that the world is full of sweet enticements that are suited to the self-indulgent and self-enraptured needs of beings whom have stopped thinking, and don’t forget that you, who will go further in your growth, are the salt of the earth. If you forget to salt or use the salt sparingly, then the whole family will rot and will only be good to trample on and be turned into fertilizer.

You are also the light of the world, and should not under evaluate your role that you have on earth as witness for light and truth. Therefore you must take up the competition with the dark propaganda and don’t miss any chance to keep up with the times, otherwise you will easily be overlooked and ridiculed because you keep a low profile, and let others take the light of truth from you and run ahead of you. (Verse 14). Neither is it a good idea to put something over the light, so the light can’t radiate and shine in all its power in the dark. The darker the night is, the more powerful your light should shine for people.

Also let your daily conduct and actions be aligned with your light, so that your good example clearly can convince the world that you are equal to the times and really have a truer orientation to life than others who still wander in the valley of shadows. People will see what you’re made of! Show, therefore, in your actions and behavior that you have reality and truth on your side, so the world will learn to know the Light as the deciding factor for welfare, growth and progress. This alone will serve to honor and praise the Light. If not, then people will easily come to worship fantasy gods as the origin and “Father” to all living things, instead of the Light, and the spiritual Light as Father to all people and other “miracles”. (Verse 16).

Don’t misunderstand me and think that I want to take away all the moral teachings, all of your religion, ethics, and social desires. I have not come to take away anything, but to enrich you, so that everything that you unconsciously desire will sometime come true. In truth, before heaven and earth shall disappear not the smallest tittle of God’s law and the universal order will be done away with. Everything has to happen according to the plan of God and His wisdom that is told to you by the prophets. The smallest in the kingdom of God is anyone who tries to rewrite reality and put his or her own fantasy productions in the place of the laws of life. Whoever tries to orient themselves correctly and finds joy in being obedient and in agreement with life’s holy order, plan, and law – that person is greater in the kingdom. (Verse 19).

Therefore I say to you that you need to develop past what the educated people call justice and have greater demands on self-control than the small demands that all hypocrites and daydreamers have for themselves. Otherwise, you will never come further than to dream about the real reality with the result that you are satisfied with the dream and the symbol world of the dream life. (Verse 20). Up to now you have understood that murder is illegal and the law comes down hard on this. However, I assure you that you can murder people also with thoughts and words, and this sin in the spirit is much worse than the sin in the flesh, and has more terrible effects for all of your life in your society than the private murder on your brother. Murder in thoughts means a gruesome destiny – a judgment for life over yourself; because thoughts and words are automatic creative powers that you don’t know about yet, and it is these powers that sentence death itself. Throwing suspicion on your brother and injuries against your brother shall bring you before the court of the people. But if you speak in a disparaging way about people and think of the children of God as something of lesser value and incurably dumb, so it’s your fault that you have lost your eternal life, where the eternal element of fire serves as a tool to eliminate you and to devour you.

Fire is an eternal element. (Compare to 1 John 3:15: “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him”). (Copied from the Bible.com Website).

If you belong to those who offer to the gods to curry their favor, but at the same time feel hate and ill will toward their life companions, you don’t need to use any other offering than to offer your ill will toward your brother. If you are victorious with yourself, then you have peace with God in you. (Verse 24).

Quicken yourself, and be patient and indulgent toward your neighbor, service-minded, and especially not interested in being repaid for your deeds, then you work up an eternal “fund with interest” with your life’s companions, and you will never be wanting. If you have demanded payment, then your neighbor thinks he doesn’t owe you any service in return, and the relationship between you will never be as good as it could have been. The feeling of completeness and of helping each other will disappear and artificial “own interests” and “class struggles” will be the product of that “chilliness” that develops between you. Then you will come further and further away from each other, instead of growing closer to each other in a fellowship of interests and a feeling of completeness. Therefore, be indulgent toward your neighbor; because it is easy for discord to develop, and one fine day you will both have come into a conventional imprisonment or social prison, where you both are unhappy. (Verse 25).

Indeed, I’m telling you if you truthfully want to do what’s best for you, think carefully over this. Later on it won’t be possible to get out of the conventional imprisonment with all of the considerations and paragraphs, before you have paid for everything with all of your life’s work and maybe at the last with your last drop of blood. I assure you that this is the way the eternal order of life works. It never stands still. That means that you will never avoid reaping what you sow, even though you are sowing unconsciously, when you quarrel with your neighbor. (Verse 26).

There is an old and good law that says you don’t help yourself by committing adultery. It ruins things for you, your children, and for the whole human family. But how will you avoid committing adultery, as long as you don’t see that it is your fantasy (and conception of life) that is the risk for your life and everyone else’s life, because they have something more than their gender and reproductive instincts? Human beings have a spiritual life and a life of conscience, and therefore you can commit adultery already with your eyes and in your fantasies. They can masturbate and a lot of other things, and be “perverse”, because they haven’t oriented themselves correctly as far as themselves, and don’t dare to look themselves in the eye and see the truth. (Verse 28).

The best thing is to continue forward in a very radical way in this area. It would be better for you if you would lose your own limbs and joy of life, than to buzz around so terribly in your eroticism that you lose your human value and all of the real contents in your life, because you lost control over yourself and your life. (Verse 30).

We have heard that whoever divorces his wife is supposed to give her a letter, or some other public document, that dissolves the marriage articles, but I assure you that you are committing adultery anyway. It is difficult for human instincts to be closed in and imprisoned by paragraphs and formalities, even if people in their dream state try to help themselves and each other in this way, in hope that it will be positive and effective. You people can do what you will; you will continue to commit adultery until you practice the kingdom of God and his justice. (Verse 32).


Comment: The Savior did not say this last comment, but He meant it. He used those kinds of words and examples on purpose so that He could help, until further notice, those who created the “sexual crimes articles”, in the transition to the holy society. During this transition time people need to be helped with transitional forms “for the sake of your hard hearts”. Matthew 19:8. Please see more in detail about this in another chapter.


In the same way, it is really improper to swear. You shall speak the truth to each other and help each other in truth on the road of life. We shall definitely not swear, because it’s the same as saying that we lie to each other, and it’s acceptable, in daily life, and that we only need to tell the truth when the authorities demand it. You shall always speak the truth and show each other faith and trust, and don’t fool each other, and quietly approve and legalize the lie and trickery. You shouldn’t do witchcraft with trickery either. It is true that the word has creative powers, and that faith can move mountains, and that even superstition appears to have great power. But you can absolutely not do witchcraft, and therefore you shouldn’t go around and believe that it helps you to swear to the heavens or by using the name of God, or to earth or to a holy city, or to something else, because you cannot in that way make something white that is black. But if you seek truth and believe in the power of Light, as the almighty, to make everything visible clear and distinct, so you will do even greater “miracles” than those that you see that I do. (John 14:12).

That is why you shall understand everything correctly and answer distinctly yes or no when you are asked questions, and don’t misuse your own or others lives of fantasy and conception by using trickery of any kind. (Verse 37).

Earlier it was common to think in this way: “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”, but with that way of behaving, there was no change and no growth and development. Evil will always produce more evil, until someone begins to return the evil with good. The dynamic of evil is that it creates the desire for revenge, and in that way the evil activities grow uncontrollably, and appear to our eyes as more and more unavoidable and necessary. Try to practice the opposite and you will experience a victory that earlier was unthinkable for you. If anyone is envious of your clothing, so give him two articles of clothing of the same type, or something that is even better. In this way you create something in your fellow human being’s mind that is worth much more, and much more advantageous and useful, than a lot of clothes. Covetousness and envy create a condition between people so that they take revenge on each other. It leaves them with a bitter frame of mind, until even paradise becomes like hell and sunshine seems like dusk. The rich earth that you are living on will seem like a poor valley of tears, and this hallucination will have unforeseen consequences for you. If somebody is taking up your time with misunderstood ideas and suggestions, that you’re not much interested in discussing, take the time anyway. Give him two hours if he asks for one, and be patient and accommodate him, and try to relate to him in a very positive way.

When children behave defiantly, you need to be patient and gentle. Follow along with the child, and don’t go against the child, until you have won the child’s trust and love, because only then can you try to lead the child in the proper way. Without the child’s trust, you can’t get anything accomplished. This has to do with your “spiritual” children also, who haven’t come any further than that they occupy your country, because they misunderstand the need for expansion and life development with themselves. What they believe is that they should expand in the width, instead of in the height. It’s the same with people who want to force their ideas, their morals, and their sense of justice on you with violence and oppression. If they were truthful people, they would know that correct ideas never need violence or oppression to be victorious. In the end, everyone wants to do what’s best, and that’s why it is just a question of light and orientation to life, time, growth, and development. Therefore, everything that is true, just, moral, and real will win out due to its own innate dynamics.

You should know that everyone who chooses to be violent with such methods is divulging his own misunderstanding and helplessness. You will win in the long run if you are forgiving, awake, patient, unbiased, and willing to help, while you will never win if you sabotage, hate and strike back, because then you will betray unconsciously and involuntarily that you are on the same level of development. (41).

Give to both those who request something from you, and those who want to borrow something from you, since you will also gain from this. If you feel that life is generous and plentiful, that is what your destiny will be. If you are able to repress being narrow-minded, too frugal, and having a slave mentality, then you will end up with an abundant society. A good measure, which is pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be given to you in your lap. By the same measure that you share with others, that is what will be given back to you. (Luke 6:38). If you are stingy, and narrow-minded, doubting and distrustful, may God bless your soul, because you will be creating a valley of tears for yourself and others in the middle of nature’s prosperity. Your mental state is your destiny. If you loan to those who repay you, you are accomplishing less prosperity and faith in life, than if you give to those who can’t repay you. Then you are creating a fortune in the everlasting living society – without even thinking about it. To buy cheaply and sell expensively is only fiction, or call it “gambling” or a “game”. It’s like “eating the flesh from your own arm”. It’s like biting to the right and to the left without ever being satisfied. (Isaiah 9: 19-20) Learn, then, to understand the automatic laws of human life. (42).

It has been natural for you for a long time to think that someone is your neighbor, and someone is your enemy, and you have been told from your childhood that you should love your neighbor, but hate your enemy.

Try sometime to follow my advice, to love your enemies and pray that God sends light to them who hate you and damn you, and pray for them who persecute you. In doing that, you will come out of old habits and “ruts”, and you will begin to grow past your own natural limitations, and then you will get new possibilities for development. You will possess the spirit that is your origin, the real God, and you will begin to see yourself in a new light as God’s son and daughter, and you will receive new possibilities that you never have thought of. The original limitation on your mental life will be broken and you will begin little by little to acquire a small part of omnipotence, or a way to receive some of the power of God.

The sun shines on both noble plants and over poisonous plants, and it rains on both good and bad fruit trees. There is the same vitality and living instinct in both good and evil, and the same creative power and living instinct in both reality’s and pseudo reality’s expressions of life. Therefore, try to be like God, so you can clearly distinguish between good and evil; only then can justice be prevailing. If injustice is rampant among you, love will become poor and barren. (Compare to Matthew 24: 12). When the weeds take over, fecundity will be stunted in your garden. (45).

If you love those who repay you and love you in return, that is just stagnation and balance. Even the customs politicians, who create a trade war, love their own children and grandchildren, while they unconsciously prepare a world war because they are creating artificial opposing interests, instead of working together and creating a feeling of fellowship. That is why you have to get out of your old habits, so truth and justice will be greater than the acquired, habitual and authorized. If you pleasantly greet those whom you already know, there is no change as long as you act unfamiliar toward all of your other companions of life. Everything alive is one and the same family with the same conditions for life and the same possibilities. Don’t act differently towards various people, because that shows a primitive picture of life.

The goal of life is perfection. Don’t listen to the unbelievers who say that it is not realistic to reach for the ideals of perfection.


Matthew 6.

Be careful that you don’t behave for the sake of show, because then you are deluding yourself by bluffing others. Verily, your payment will be of a very incidental nature. Don’t let the press “blow things up” about what you do, because then your good deeds will drown in vanity and foolishness, and your good example will become a bad example.

All hypocrites are easy to recognize because they do all of their good deeds as camouflage for their sins, as for example, when exploiters and usurers pay tribute to the moral in society that closes its eyes to their injustice. These people have already received their wages, and their debt to their fellow human beings grows at the same pace as their “donations”. Go there quietly and try, as unseen as possible, to make up for the injustice, so that it shouldn’t become a habit to patch a garment of society that long ago was worn out and unbecoming. Let your gentle actions and prayers quietly take place unnoticed, so that the spirit at work today can be removed, and visible fruits of a new and better mutual relationship can grow in its place. (4).

Watch closely, and you will see what happens in gatherings where people want to act like good models for each other and pray and perform so that others can see them. Their bad example is contagious and gives support to that external form and name of Christianity, that doesn’t bear positive fruits on the tree of society. (5).

When you pray to your Father in heaven, close your eyes and be quiet, so that the God, who lives inside of you, in your unconscious, can speak to you, so that you understand what you really want and are praying about. What you manage on the outside are always the “manifestations” of your own real internal self. God, the Spirit knows better than you what you need, so you don’t need to say much. (8).

Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen. (13).


Comment: Can you hear this prayer without hearing that this is the natural and correct prayer for mankind? Because the spirit is God inside of you, you say to your own spirit: “Don’t lead me into temptation, but deliver me from evil”. And this is at the peril of my mental life. Our entire human life is the property and field of activity for the spirit. All of the power is with the spirit and no other place. It is not correct to take or give honor to anyone else. This is certain and true in all respects.


When you forgive people’s transgressions that is because you understand your fellow human beings. He who understands, he forgives, and also finds natural forgiveness with himself and doesn’t have to feel that murderous guilt, fear, fear of death, and fear of life. Your spiritual life is either unconscious self-reproach or self-encouragement, so it has to do with your own destiny how easily you can forgive others, so that you can also find peace in yourself. (10).

If you are training yourself by “fasting” in some way or another, because you want to have self control and not let your bodily needs and desires have too much power over you, please do not go around with a sad and dark face to demonstrate that you feel sorry for yourself and that you are very busy with yourself. In that way you would be “unrecognizable” both for yourself and for others. Be honest with yourself and others, so you can become completely intimate with your own nature. Be glad that you have self-control and dare to correct yourself and train yourself, so you won’t have others interfering with your private life.

Don’t be too involved with yourself; this is especially difficult if you have difficulties to conquer in yourself. Your reward will be much bigger than you can imagine. Your self- confidence and self-respect will grow, and this reward is much preferred to your fellow human beings praise and flattery. Be natural and don’t act like “statesmen” or as educated men, like judges and other actors. They’ve all gotten their wages. The punishment won’t be missing either. No one can avoid the destiny of his or her mentality.

Keep clean and take care of your hair and your body, which all contributes to your self- respect. If you don’t have respect for yourself, you will also easily scorn your fellow human beings and will be an easy target for religious and political unbelievers. Take good care of yourself and God will appreciate you, because God has created you in His own image, and He doesn’t scorn Himself. (18).

If you want to avoid unnecessary sorrows, troubles and annoyances, don’t be around people who are envious of you and would try to trick you. The temple of the Jews was filled with precious metals and became the curse of the Jews, because all of their neighbors looked at their collection of metals as a desirable aim, end, or object to start a war with the Jews. The more you own objects that those who have lost their spirits collect, the more difficult your life will be, and the more dangers and traps you will expose your children to. Your children will become a “commodity” on the market, and your home will become a hang out for hypocrites who want to swindle you and what is yours. Your life will become an eternal struggle in guarding your goods, and you won’t be able to count all your sleepless nights. Your ruined nerves and lost joy of life will be the “exchange” you got for your human life. Learn from me to evaluate correctly, so that you understand that your real human value is what the entire human life is really all about.

Try to understand your spiritual qualities as borrowed capital that you will try to increase as much as possible, so that you can have something of “eternal value” to live with in the future. Goods and gold make you extroverted, and a richer spiritual life makes you introspective.

You can’t take goods and gold with you to the grave, but spiritual gold is a richness of the soul and a soul’s jewelry that no thief can steal and no unpredictable foreign exchange notation can erase. Even the richest person can’t buy anything else with gold and monetary values in a world full of sorrow and self-delusion, than more sorrow and more self-delusion. The spoils from the poor are in the houses of the rich. (Isaiah 3:14).

You can develop your spiritual capabilities to an unbelievable degree as a Stock Market speculator, but the joy of this soon loses its glance. Monetary values fall proportionately with the acquisition and availability of money. Spiritual values grow and climb in a never disappointing curve. The hunt for money makes you asocial, but spiritual fortunes make you social. Monetary richness gets you bad treatment, disappointing friends, and innumerable disappointments. True spiritual values get you faithful friends who elevate you, and who bless your life and your work. That which has great value in the eyes of the world is an abomination for God. What seems small in the conventional society is of eternal value in the self-active society. (Luke 16:15).

When the end of your life is drawing near, you will have great difficulty trying to separate from your accumulated numbers. But the reverse will give you wings and new hope and possibilities if you have accumulated treasures in your interior! Where you find your riches, is also where you will be. (21).


The light of your life is like a spiritual eye that shines upon and evaluates everything. If you look at things in a black and sour way, then your whole life will be black and sour, and if you look brightly and kindly on everything, the destiny of your life will also be bright. If you have a sickly light in your life, your ideals and the conduct of your life will also be sick. Maybe even your body will in the end be sick from the same cause. Therefore you must look for the acquaintances, the teacher, and the literature that builds you up, that gives you something and enriches you. Protect yourself and your home from acquaintances, newspapers, and printed material that look on things with a dark eye. Those kinds of things steal from you. If your orientation to life and understanding of life in reality is murky, how dark will your spiritual night then be? If your ideals are only a delusion, how big will your life’s delusion be, and how bitter will the disappointment be? Take care that you are oriented in the truth. Watch out for commonplace friends. (23).

Maybe you are brought up to serve two lords? For example you can serve Mammon and heathenism for 6 days a week, and God for the 7th day. If that’s the case, I will tell you that in the long run, you cannot serve two lords; even if all the “state churches” in the world assure you that you both can and must. If you enjoy being with the God of life, than you will naturally hate and despise your service in Mammon’s reward. You have to hate your work and your “earnings” in ready money, which is a tribute to God’s opponent, who is Satan, or everyone’s real and only enemy. You can’t get away from his claws, because he gets his share of the fruits of your work with the “law and justice” in his hand. You are the one who pays all the costs for Hell, and deliver fuel to the all-consuming fire to the sea, to the land, in the air, and in the depth of the soul. If you enjoy being with the god of Mammon because you find satisfaction in playing a game of chance from the cradle to the grave concerning these, and all of your life’s companion’s life gods and life necessities, then it’s impossible in reality to care for your spiritual life and to develop the God inside of you. Either you are awake, or you are still sleeping and dreaming. It is only in your dreams that you can “reconcile” God and Mammon. (24).

Preferably don’t be too busy with external things, and certainly not with your clothes. Of course it’s fun to have nice clothes, because they also strengthen self-esteem and contribute to feeling at home in this beautiful environment where God has created us, but worries about this shouldn’t have a place in your heart. For example, look at the educated ones and the judges in their long capes and gowns. (Matthew 12:38). They want to impress people and exert a secret influence on their life’s companions, hide their emptiness, and be greeted on the street by respectful people who call them “master, “teacher”, etc. (Matthew 23:7 – 8). Don’t go around being afraid for your life or your existence and don’t have a fear of hunger, which the authorities want to threaten you with if you aren’t obedient and order your life in the way that they wish. There is enough abundance in the world, when unreality and the falsehoods of life lose their game and the dance around the golden calf stops. Isn’t life more than the formalities? You eat to live, but you don’t live to eat. The health and beauty of your body is worth much more than the “borrowed feathers”, which you have loaned from chickens, parrots, and other animals.

As for myself, I wear a coat that consists of one piece of material, which is woven continuously from the top to the bottom, because I don’t like patchwork. (John 19:23).

In addition, I look at every living thing as having a great and inextricable continuity and interdependence, and that is why I have decided to encompass my body with something that completely agrees with my view and my taste. (Mark 2:21).


Nothing is wasted in nature’s housekeeping. This is the only form of saving economy that life recognizes. Everything is taken care of if you will just believe in the order and balance of life, and learn to measure with correct measures. (25).

Look closely at the birds in the sky. They don’t have the understanding, as you do, to sow and reap and store for the winter, but they are alive anyway. How many more chances don’t you people with understanding and consciousness have, if only you don’t get carried away by dreaming about your play with the symbols of value? Why are you so impatient with yourselves? Why is there always this nervous tempo? Why is there always this nerve-wracking hustle and bustle from the cradle to the grave? Learn to work together with the rest of nature, so you will find out that there is enough to live with. The birds don’t sacrifice to their “Mollochs”. They don’t have any public and impersonal use. All they have to think of are the private needs for themselves and their family. Have you ever seen the little father bird and the little mother bird that build their nest and get food and drink to their small ones? Learn from them! They take life as it comes, while you worry yourselves to death because you don’t have control of your creative fantasy, and you let yourselves be seduced by these men in long gowns.

Look at the flowers and the lilies of the field. They are realistic in another way than you are. They hang their head if they’re only missing one drop of water, so therefore they arrange things so that they are divided up at each growth place, so that those that need a lot of moisture live where there is enough water, and those that like to be in desert sand, on the mountain, or at the ocean, are where they need to be. They place themselves in the correct places. Those of you, who like good food, cover the earth with asphalt and stone, so that not even a potato can grow. And you call this for “good times”, when all the prices go up and the cost of living index rises. You try to beat down the price when you want to buy, but you add to the price when you want to sell, and believe on your “honor and conscience” that you will be richer. You invent and dream without even knowing it yourself. The flowers on the ground don’t do that. All of the flowers and plants closely follow the sun in the sky from when it comes up and until it goes down, and adjust their leaves accordingly in various positions to the sunlight. This condition is necessary so that the whole plant kingdom can live, grow, and exist. The whole thing is an eternal and automatic “industry”, where all of the basic elements are produced that the animals, and partially the humans, need to live. I am trying to teach you the truth about the eternal life, so why do you listen instead to the pastors who believe that they can guide you about an existence on the other side that they don’t even know? Learn from the flowers in the field and closely study the lilies that you meet on your way. You will be lacking every qualification to understand higher forms of life, if you don’t become completely familiar with life here on earth. (John 3:12). You can easily fall for the temptation of helping the tellers of lies when they slander the Son of Man, the earth, and everything God has created, if you swarm around, dream, and make up mythological and theological adventures about existence; flee from the truth about eternal life that you see around you; have your goals in something unknown on the other side of death. Verily, I say to you that they “know not what they do” (Luke 23: 34), because they never wanted to learn from the flowers of the field and the birds in the sky, that they without further notice accuse of being flighty, superficial, and remote. Every unreal “plant” that my heavenly Father hasn’t planted, and is created by falsehoods of life and fantasy, will be torn up from the root and thrown on the fire. (Mathew 15:13). The lilies that the pastors talk about don’t exist. Try to have a thorough examination of the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. If my witnesses are beaten to death, all of nature will proclaim the glory of God, and even “the stones shall speak”.

Don’t do as the heathens and worshipers of idols who interpret life in the minerals and believe that their “stones” give bread. That will only get you eternal worries and disappointments. Your true Father, the origin of all life, has complete knowledge about what you need to live. Everything is there. The table is set and you are His guests – o ye of little faith!

Find the kingdom of God here on earth. It is already latent inside of you, after I talked to you and taught you to look past the natural limitations. Before I came you were excused, because your blind nature couldn’t find this without some assistance. (John 15:22). But now I have come, and now I have told you this - now you have the responsibility yourself, and from now on you are the architect of your own fortune or misfortune.

Try to create a holy society according to the will of God, His plan and His law, and then you will obtain everything that you are praying for and need. Don’t postpone doing this in the way that those who are dreaming, dull-witted, disobedient, and sluggish in nature would. Don’t forget that the program for life is a complete program. (33).

Let every day be complete enough for you, and don’t speculate about how things will be “after death”. Take the closest tasks and duties first, and don’t be confused by the “fairy castle”. If you do, then you will lose your mental balance, flock together in big cities, and run away from the tasks that are around you. (34).


Matthew 7.

Don’t judge others, because then you easily risk unconsciously judging yourself, and then you betray how little you understand and know, both about others and yourself. Also, remember that the reasoning you use in your judgments is living dynamics, because the stricter you judge others, the more you judge yourself. You unknowingly affect yourself, with the same evaluations and yardstick you use on others. I have said it before, but I will now say it again: If you look at everything and everybody in a meager, small, and narrow-minded way, you are involuntarily creating a condition that is both meager and narrow-minded. You sow a narrow-minded way of thinking, and you reap exactly what you have sown. (2).

Why are you always so clever at seeing the mistake with your neighbor? Maybe you want to “flee” from seeing how much worse it is with yourself? Why do you, for example, think that wild groups of people who worship their “pictures” and sacrifice their fantasy productions, shall be so much more sinful and wretched than you are who sacrifices to even worse forms of symbols. Woe to you who travel over the land and sea with “the European culture” and with falsified Christianity, to “christen” the people who live close to nature, instead of learning from the people who live close to nature to see and understand yourself. Probably you even make them worse than they were before. (Matthew 23:15). Let me tell you why you are so eager in your mission service. You don’t see the plank in your own eye. That’s why you flee over land and ocean to draw small errors and misunderstandings of delusion out of the spiritual eye of those who live close to nature, because then you won’t see your own European worship of Molloch. Truly I say to you that you have learned more and had a longer time to develop your spirit than the natives. Life demands more of you than of those who have not received the light yet. (Luke 12:48). Therefore, remove the plank from your own view of life, before you start trying to lead others. You are a blind guide to those who are born blind. (5).

Don’t cast your pearls before spiritual swine who are glad to be fed with the kind of food that other spiritual swine are fed with. (Luke 15:16). There are many unclean spirits and much spiritual uncleanliness in the world. If you go to these people with the holy teachings of truth, they will just tramp the pearls down in the pigsty, and maybe they will tear you into pieces because they are so annoyed with what you’re teaching. Those who are used to bad wine and spiritual swine food usually don’t like good wine and clean food. (6).

Look for more light yourself, and let your whole life be one of continual prayer for more light, like it was for Salomon (1Kings 3:5-12). If you seek you will find, and if you knock on the door of the heart of your life’s companions, so will they receive you well, and share their spiritual riches with you, or reveal their poverty to you. The person who seeks, he will find, and the person who knocks on the right door, the door will open for him. You will never be unemployed again if you work in this way. Work for your neighbor and don’t ever be stingy with the time you use to find the way to his heart. (8).

Who of you would give your son a stone when he requested bread, or who of you would give your children paper and printed materials when they asked for food? And you still talk about each other being evil? And when you, who are said to be evil (Matthew 7:11), understand to give your children good gifts, how can you think that the good God should give you falsehoods of life, famine, starvation, and hardships? You must understand that if this is how you experience things, and what you receive for your work and prayers, then it cannot be God you are worshipping, but Satan!

When you pray to God for true knowledge and true spiritual bread and wine, so you wouldn’t accuse God of giving you a spiritual “Serpent”, which would undermine all of your existence? A good God gives good gifts, but an idol gives bitter gifts. (11).

Therefore, everything that you want others to do for you, you must also do, and don’t put this off until later, because then maybe an important time and work day is lost for you, your people, and the fatherland. This is the content of the law of God and of all of the teachings of the prophets of truth. Everything stands and falls with correct morals and teachings. The way that your relationship is arranged between you and your fellow human beings, and the way that you treat your life’s companions, that is the way your society will be and that is what your “reward” will be. Your share is the same as everyone else’s share, and the teachings about “egoism” and “special interests” are fantastic falsehoods of life, that only serve to create a foundation for authorities and demagogues, hypocrites and politicians, hate and fratricide. You definitely don’t have any “special interests”. You live in the middle of a holy living dynamic society, where you never will run away from the destiny of fellowship and the general interests. You can be a part of the great superficial reality and run a race with the devil, who is a lie, for 5 cents and 5 dollars, but in the end you will always disappoint yourself and your life companions. You just dream that you will be “richer”. At least it’s not “egoism”! It is only instincts gone astray and a misunderstood art of life.

The devil is making a fool of you and your contemporaries, because money is only a mirror. You could also call it the economy’s big “Fata Morgana” (a fairy sorceress skilled in the art of changing shape), the great utopia or unreality, which can never be reached or realized. I am teaching you the facts, the objective reality, and what exactly is possible. The educated ones smile about this, speak about it with visionary speech, and with or without a falsetto voice say: “Do unto others what you want others to do to you”. The art of life that is complete, real, and possible of achieving is this – when you meet your life companions and think to yourself: “I’m looking for you, what can I do for you” – this is the correct way to think. But if you look at your life companions as a “market” and say: “How much can I earn from you?”, then you are thinking (and acting) in a confused and disoriented way. If you as an individual will practice what I am teaching you, you will meet religion and politics each bearing a shiny sword (1 Moses 3:24), that denies you practicing the correct behavior. (Matthew 23:13).

Never do against your neighbor what you would not like done to you. The legalities of reciprocity have to do with you not being alone, because you are a living cell in a big and powerful independent organism. (12).

As a registered member of an organization, the path is broad and well trodden from before. When you are organized, you “delegate” your own freedom and your responsibility to those “delegated” to take care of your made up special interests and to “take care of your interests” while they have a great lack of knowledge. This is a broad path and it is sad there are many who walk this way right into the embrace of the lies of the world and don’t get out again with their life. Your “leaders” and “officers”, who are supposed to be your benefactors (Luke 22:25), demand that you earn money, and that you pay tokens of appreciation to them from your “profits” from your neighbors. This way of life is open for everybody, there are many who go this way and lose their life! It’s too bad for these people. (Matthew 9:36). To take up the struggle against this conventional system and take the path I’m teaching you, can be compared to a narrow gate or with a birth. When a woman gives birth, she will have anxiety and pain. Our life is such that all new births cause pain. The road to life is “a small and narrow gate”. The road to death and perdition is broad and easily accessible. Everything new in the world has to pay with birth pains. (John 16:21).

To be born again in spirit and truth is also painful. Every little new recognized human creation has to go through the same pain. Therefore it is not difficult for me to prepare you for adversity for the sake of my name. (John 16:33, Matthew 24:8 and 24:21). We can’t get past the fact that the gate is narrow. That I am speaking the truth the future will support for everyone to see. (John 13:19). (14).

Watch out for all kinds of false prophets. They usually come in sheep’s clothing and perform so well that it is very difficult to know what is real and what is not. They can act in a pious way, in their gestures, in their behavior, and even in their actions and mean that everything is very good. Everyone is an idealist, so it is not an easy thing to be a person. However, once and for all, you can know them by their fruits. If their guidance is correct, the tree of society will bear fine fruits. If the teachings, in spite of all the pious gestures, are delusion, and are caused by involuntary self delusion or hallucinations, or come from spiritual drunkenness, or are caused by laziness, not wanting to work or lack of wisdom and light, this will be shown fairly quickly by the results as far as the relationships between the people. In the world of reality, a bad tree of society cannot create good people, and a really good tree cannot bear bad fruits. Judge by the fruits and don’t be fooled or led astray by “good will” and by “pious prayers”. It’s not enough with good will. Many wish to enter, but can’t unless the Spirit of the Father moves them. (John 6:44).

Many seek and wish sincerely to be spiritual leaders and guides, but they can’t. (Luke 13:24). No one can come to that level of consciousness where I am, unless it is given to him. The teachings of Voluntarianism don’t speak the truth. (John 6:65). That is why you should learn to know everything and everybody by their fruits. When the dead wake up and the blind begin to see, when those who are hard of hearing learn to use their hearing aids, when the sick are healed, and people are liberated in all areas of life, then the orientation to life and guidance is on the correct path and people will be growing in acknowledging truth and reality. Truth liberates, but lies create chains. When the world dreams and talks in its sleep, and takes a spiritual binge, and spiritual boozing and spiritual prostitution are a part of “good tone”, and part of the normal way of life, when the asylums and prisons are full, and when the masses are killing each other on the battlefields, then the spiritual pigsty has become the fashion. Then there are “ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing” who are pulling the threads, and then the “abomination of destruction is sitting on holy ground” (Luke 24:15), because then the falsehoods of life and religious delusion are “Christianized” by false prophets. Don’t ever doubt this! Remember that lies are experienced as truth and illusion, and pictures as living reality in the dream life. The unrestrained dream fantasy is dangerous and completely irresponsible. Spiritual boozing feels like an intoxication of happiness and “the correct faith” in dreams, but in the world of reality everything is different. There the critic is awake and exercises a certain censor. There the sour is not sweet, and the sweet is not sour. (Isaiah 4:20)

There is not mixing of the essential with the unessential. That is why you can easily know the spirit of the times and its fruits, and your correct leaders and teachers by the results of their life and teachings. Life is not more complicated and difficult. (20).

Don’t believe that everyone who joins with me and calls on me is to be trusted. There are many who worship truth with their lips, but their heart and mind are focused on everything besides the truth. (Matthew 15:8). If it doesn’t have to do only with religious dream state and superficial worship, then it is easy to look at the practical life of the individual in question and see what actually lives inside of him. He can easily make offerings to the gods and to the mission with the best of intentions, but still practice a great deal of general disobedience to the laws of life. Obedience is better than the desire for sacrifice or the need to be a martyr. The pastors often say the right thing, but they just don’t do it. (Matthew 23:4). Their worship of God is empty religion, and their dream is not life, the art of life, nor the art of society. They are serving two lords and are satisfied to be on the broad well-trodden path. (26). What is so tragic with human life is that many come and confess to the correct teachings, and live in the belief that they are standing on the right side, while their life developed in such a way that life couldn’t know them. Turn away from me! You didn’t do the right thing. Verily I don’t know you! (23).

Everyone who can hear and understand my speech, I will compare with a person who built his house and his life in society on bedrock. Those who don’t correctly understand my speech are similar to people who build on illusions and dream life. As people got older, as always happens both for those who keep to reality and for those who build on the bedrock of reality, the building of the illusionists didn’t tolerate the test. Wander in the truth about yourself, about God, about the Son of Man, about the word of God, and life in society, and about the laws and order of eternal life, and the truth will set you free and save you from everything that is evil. (27).


In addition, “When Jesus ended His speech, they were astonished by his doctrine (Mark 1:22, Luke 4:32, John 7:46) because He taught them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes”. The public’s critic of the speech of Jesus is very clear in John 7:46, where the priest’s own representatives came back with the message: “Never has any person spoken like this man”. In case anyone doubts that this was historically true, hear the answer from the scribes: “Have you also been deceived”? This is so very characteristic for the educated men’s understanding of the mighty ability of truth to seize people, that we already know, because of this, that the story can’t be a figment of the imagination. Since the wise men usually don’t have the glow of truth, they can’t with their best intentions seize the masses, so they have no other way to excuse themselves. I have experienced this myself, so I’m writing here of long experience.

“Never has any person spoken like this man”, it says. However, modern theologians maintain that the speeches of Christ are not original. Do they mean that much of this speech was to have been said before other places in the Orient? It is possible for this specific speech. I know too little about this to be able to judge this question, but in any case it is an unessential thing compared with the essential, that the speeches of Jesus have many times in history been understood as being unimportant as teachings of religion and life in society on this earth! This fateful misunderstanding of Christ’s speeches is at any rate not original, but as old as the history of educated men and their delusions. Notice this! This is meaningful when we want to understand the depth of truth contained in this book’s title. Christ was not a founder of a new religion. A founder of a new religion would not have been a true savior for the world. There were enough founders of religions from before! The world needed a Mental Savior who found the correct mental method so that the world could expand over all the educated men’s religious nature and religious dream life and fanaticism. God is not as interested in religion as people think.


It is the masculine and divine speech about the truth about life as the way to salvation “here on earth”, that educated men and uneducated men continually have reinterpreted to a sugar sweet and syrup-like philosophy of life. It is this spiritually rich, insightful, in depth psychological teaching about our own nature and about our own relationship to our neighbor, that the authorities in the world serve up with ringing bells and falsetto voices, and preferably in meeting places and temples where the sunlight has to go through a lot of colored glass to come in and create “the correct atmosphere”! It is this simple teaching about reality with all of its correct inspirations and ultra realistic “tips”, that is rewritten to a religion that is remote from everyday life, and that essentially is supposed to deal with life on the other side of death and the grave. This gives a true picture of our sleepy and unwilling mentality, that this dramatic game with the highest values in human life can keep on going for over 2000 years.

May Jesus’ speech soon be heard and understood so that He can save the world. There is no other salvation and Savior.





Chapter 19