Chapter 6

 Two Different Views of Life and Their Logical Consequences


Now I must share with my readers an example from my own life, because this shows the benefits of reading The Bible correctly.

In 1933, in Norway, there was a rather popular movement around the interpretation of The Bible and guidance for life that I had tried to spread using the written and spoken word. At the same time, Quisling began to organize the “National Assembly” (the Norwegian Nazi Party). Then his friends came to me and asked: “Do you also want a national assembly?” We said yes. “Well, try to agree with Quisling. We don’t need two opposition parties in the country”. I agreed for two reasons. 1. First, because I had no desire to be “nominated”. Then, as always, all I have wanted to do was to be able to write and speak freely without “supporters” who would “use their right to vote” and turn me into “the leader”. 2. As soon as I would speak in the Parliament, people would perceive me as being at the head of a politically inspired group, and nothing was more remote, and no one was less qualified than me, to do this.

(When Pastor Hans Bauge, unlike other pastors, wanted to take up the struggle against the golden calf, I asked him to be the leader of the party. He was much more qualified than I was; however, “the pastor” in him created many difficulties for him).

There was a conference with Quisling, but nothing happened, and thereafter Quisling and I conferred together, just the two of us. I criticized Quisling’s choice of resources, especially the way he tried to provoke the Communists and others, and told him that it would lead to civil war. He accused me of being an idealist and that my methods weren’t successful. I asked him if he didn’t see that a national assembly had to be or become a product of a new orientation? I further added that we already had that orientation. The light of truth gathers and unites people. Delusion and violent tactics divide and separate. The good things that you want to happen, won’t happen. The trouble that you want to avoid, will come. Quisling replied by saying that this was just what the Communists wanted; look at Hitler. His methods are successful. You (BDB) mean well, and certainly have thought long and hard over things, but you are too “good” for this world. You are not realistic enough. Our conference ended by my giving him my book “The Living Society” and we left. His anti-Semitic viewpoint also divided us. I don’t see any enemy who is made of flesh and bone.

After that, the first “election” showed that Quisling’s party went down from about 28,000 votes to about 18,000, and my “party” went up from 15,000 to 45,000 votes. Now I had proof that the people did want what was good, when they could hear and understand what was right. We visited all kinds of people and discussed the social, economic, and ethical problems with the Communists, as well as everybody else. In spite of overwhelming sabotage by all of the Norwegian press, and the systematic sabotage by the Parliament and the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, our new orientation to life was successful, and it went so quickly that, with a just and fair election system, we would have had five representatives in the Parliament.

When Hambro saw this, the Parliament’s own suggestion regarding “election by the proportional representation method” was shelved, and the Parliament re-elected itself in 1939. So there wasn’t any new election. The Norwegian anti-Semites, who regarded Hambro as a dangerous man, should remember that when the Jews were persecuted in Norway, Hambro, the Jew, unconsciously and involuntarily arranged that Quisling was in the spotlight, and that we who were the largest party in opposition, not enemies of the Jews, and really a new orientations party, were in the background. That means that Hambro, the Jew, worked against himself and other Jews. I personally know many Norwegian Jews, who are excellent people, and don’t look at them as enemies. It pained me very much to see how the “National Assembly” (the Norwegian Nazi Party) allowed them to be persecuted.

How did that happen? Now, at this writing (1945) civil war is developing rapidly, Norwegians are killing Norwegians, and those who said they were “the newly oriented” asserted ancient ideas and delusions. Since they hated the Jews, they didn’t really understand The Bible, and certainly didn’t have any new light or new ways in their way of being. The Norwegians in London made a “raid” in Norway and captured some of Quisling’s supporters and took them as prisoners to other countries. Civil war is going strong.

Look at the picture by my friend Einarson. (The caption reads: “and then there was an assembly”).

This was drawn and made public many years before “the National Assembly” came to power with the help of foreign weapons and injustice in our country. How did we know this? We used the same knowledge about the inherent orderliness of life that Moses used when he prophesied that the Jews would be killing each other. If you don’t want to accept the story in Exodus as a literal event, you can at least see it as a “drama in one act” invented by a seer. Another Bible story, about the tower of Babel, can be understood in the same way, as we soon shall see.

By sharing an example of my own experiences in Norway, I wanted to show:

1. The absolute truth and reliability in The Bible regarding the internal automatic legalities and undeniable holy order of life. 2. The Spirit of God doesn’t just write His “laws”; He also sees that the laws are obeyed. No nation in history, who has danced around the golden calf, has avoided the same destiny. Think about Jerusalem, Carthage,

Rome, Spain, and any other ancient culture. Can empirical science soon “experience” this? 3. Which method was shown to be most realistic – mine or Quisling’s? Quisling’s method rationally developed into the expected results. He worked hand and glove with the Parliament and the spirit of the time, and was proven right. He was the man of the hour, just like Aaron who went along with the spirit of the times – the public mood. However, I was also right because the methods I showed were the same as building on the exact reality. (The Bible calls it (the rock”). Quisling built on sand, as a typical daydreamer would. He accepted false reality and therefore others knew his destiny ahead of time. 4. When Hitler has gone as far as he can, will the world then learn what violent methods and the military system mean and contain? Will people have learned to understand The Bible’s teaching about the law and order of life, or will people continue like flies, to fly around their own innate dynamic powers, without acknowledging their own capacity, faith or will to be in control? Will empiric science reap this “experience”, or will it continue to call their delusions for experiences?

Although “the state’s” clergy don’t agree with me, I maintain that it is possible to teach all children at the age of 15 years of age as much as possible about the law and order of life, so that they can understand how it all hangs together. The young candidates for confirmation can, if need be, “take it over” as many times as necessary so that they can clearly explain by themselves about the automatic almighty spiritual activity in human beings. This is just as easy to understand as the school studies in physics, or how a radio is put together and works. It is also possible to give people such a thorough orientation and self-control, that Pastor Aaron will be immediately stopped when he tries to ”teach people about the spiritual life of dreams” and in the socio-economic playground, that has to do with building symbols. It’s even possible to teach the Germans in a reasonable amount of time to be on guard against demagogues. Workers and citizens can even be taught that all “differences of opinion” are only artificial and made-up phenomenon that are caused by the unclear vision of guides and leaders, and that every organization of people, in reality, is the beginning of enslavement and force – the opposite of liberty. Lastly, every difference of opinion only appears that way. It is a delusion that has its beginning somewhere or another in another involuntary or uncontrolled play with symbols.

This is a true and realistic orientation to reality. This is true and living Christianity. This is the correct way to read The Bible. This is the correct science about mankind, its creation, its realm, and, at the same time, its perilous nature.



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